13 Questions That Can Be Answered In Less Than 10 Seconds

By Editorial Staff in Puzzle On 18th May 2017

#1 What's The Name Of The Third Child

#2 Highest Mountain Peak

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#3 How Is This Possible

#4 What Are We Referring To?

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#5 What Am I?

#6 A Businessman Bought Some Apples

#7 How?

#8 How Is This Possible

#9 On The Way To The City

#10 Which Came First?

#11 Katy Is Standing Behind Laura

#12 Can You Drop An Egg

#13 How Old Is My Brother?

#14 Answers

1: She's Called Anna

2: Everest

3: They Were On Different Banks

4: Fingerprints

5: A Plate

6: He Was Billionaire

7: He Did It In The Winter When The Water Froze

8: He's Reading A Book Written In Braille

9: Two. Only I Was Going There. The Others Were Leaving

10: The Egg. Dinosaurs Laid Eggs Long Before Chickens Appeared

11: They're Standing Back To Back

12: Yes. It's Difficult To Break A Concrete Floor With An Egg

13 He's 16