13 Scary DIY Halloween Decorations That Can Make Your House Haunted

By Sughra Hafeez in Facts and DIY On 3rd October 2015

#1 Halloween Pillow cover- Just insert a scary mask under the cushion cover.

#2 Halloween Fireplace decor

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#4 Mummy Mason Jar Centerpieces- Just wrap 'em up!

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#5 Reclaimed Wood Ghosts- the adorable ghosts, indeed

#6 Mummy Wreath

#7 Wood Pumpkins- Paint them orange and a few ribbons will do BINGO!

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#8 Ghost, Frankenstein, Mummy & Pumpkin Handmade Halloween Decorations

#9 Halloween Mason Jar

#10 Halloween Pillow covers- all they need is a little time to make you the best parent ever!

#11 Ravens Halloween Wreath

#12 Halloween Running Yard Skeletons

#13 Burlap Halloween Pillows with ghosts and spider webs- the paint dries fast as well