13 Stupid Million Dollar Inventions You Regret Not Thinking Of

By Muk Khatri in Facts and DIY On 8th September 2015

#1 Doggles

How many times have you put glasses on your dog? Well, you should have put a patent on it.

Profit: $3 million annually

#2 Slap Bracelets

The most hideous and cheapest things composed of plastic that shouldn't even be considered a bracelet made insane profits.

Profit: $8 million during peak year

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#3 Billy Bob Teeth

While you're wearing teeth that make you look like you have a bacterial infection of the gums, the creator is probably on an island he bought (wearing veneers).

Profit: More than $7 million during it's best year

#4 The iFart App

How many of you guys are pissed off now because you didn't think to record a variety of your farts and sell them for money?

Profit: $10,000 per day

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#5 Crocs

Who knew having zero fashion sense could make you richer than famous style icons?

Profit: $1 billion

#6 Silly Putty

Go in kitchen. Accidentally make goop. Become millionaire.

Profit: $5 million annually

#7 Big Mouth Billy Bass

I can imagine the profits are undisclosed because the creator is unable to do math.

Profit: undisclosed - but reasonably insane. They've sold "millions and millions and millions" of them at around $20 each.

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#8 The Slinky

Unless it's stuck on your pet or baby, this is the worst entertainment you've ever had.

Profit: $1 billion in total sales

#9 The Snuggie

When this was first released, it was pretty much a joke when you bought it. Who is the joke on now, broke-ass?

Profit: Over $500 million in gross revenue

#10 Furby

Someone pretty much stuffed a Gremlin and made it blink. Now they're rich forever.

Profit: $500 million in annual revenue at their peak

#11 The Pet Rock

It's amazing what people will pay for when they want a pet but they don't want responsibility. The inventor of The Pet Rock probably got his idea by glancing outside. Genius.

Profit: 1.5 million sold at $4 a pop.

#12 Hint

Has anyone else tried this fruit flavored water where you have to concentrate to even taste a difference? I add flavor to my water all the time and I'm still broke, damn it.

Profit: More than $30 million annually

#13 The Trunki

Kids need kid stuff. Simple right? How has nobody else thought of this? Well, the creator did and he's a multimillionaire.

Profit: $6.1 million during it's peak year