13 Things Every Fraternity Guy Knows To Be True

By Editorial Staff in Cool On 5th September 2015

#1 Sperrys

That feeling you get when you realize you have to throw away your old pair of Sperrys but you don't want to.

#2 Patriotic Clothing

No other organization displays patriotic pride like fraternities. Your wardrobe consist of American flag bro tanks, chubbies, Vans and socks. After all, this is 'Murica.

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#3 Fraternity Uniform

It's an unspoken rule that wearing khaki shorts, Sperrys and some sort of button up shirt is the official fraternity uniform.

#4 Multicolored Shorts

You understand the importance of coordinating your multicolored shorts with the right pair of Sperrys and the right shirt for different occasions.

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You are weirdly obsessed with Ralph Lauren. Almost everything you own has the official logo. You are often mistaken for a Ralph Lauren model.

#6 "Wagon Wheel"

"Wagon Wheel" is one of your favorite songs (but you hate the Darius Rucker version).

#7 Dues

Being in a fraternity is extremely fun you get the brothers, the parties, and most importantly, the girls. However, what's not fun is paying dues every semester and trying to justify to your parents why it's a necessary expense. Shout out to all the bros who pay their dues out of pocket.

#8 Alcohol diet

After paying an arm and a leg on tuition for your private education and an obscene amount for your dues, your wallet is completely empty. But no matter how broke you are, you always have enough for Raman Noodles and beer. Now that's a properly balanced diet!

#9 Wizard Staff

Nothing exerts your masculinity and bro status more than a giant wizard staff.

#10 Sunday Parties

While some may go to church on Sundays, you stay home to watch football and drink beer. Nothing is better than drinking cheap beer (Keystone Light), watching football and making wizard staffs with your bros.

#11 Summers

Summers are the best time of year to be a frat bro. Your summers consist of binge drinking, going boating and drinking some more.

#12 Beer Pong

To you, beer pong is no game it's a competitive sport that people should take seriously. After all, it's not easy trying to get a tiny ball into a small hole while you're sh*t face drunk.

#13 Toga Parties

You can thank "National Lampoon's Animal House" for making toga parties mainstream, because without them college would not be the same. What's better than girls in partially revealing robes? Nothing.