14 Creepiest Things Ever Found In The Woods...Caught On Camera

Posted by Sama in Geeks and Gaming On 8th April 2017

Like much of our world, the woods are full of dark and horrifying mysteries. Plenty of horror stories have been told of the terror that takes place behind the usually thick vegetation, and not all the stories have even had the ability to be told. We ask the age-old question: if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? In almost the same way, if something terrifying happens in the forest and we didn’t snap a photo of it, did it really happen?

Luckily, with the use of trail cameras that are put in place to capture wildlife, we have been able to get a glimpse at some of the sinister things that take place when the trees think nobody’s looking. The forest is full of mysterious tales of creatures and urban legends of terrifying killers. Every forest in every area has some sort of horror story to tell, and luckily, we have some photographic evidence of terrifying things that have occurred. Not all of the photographs on the list are ones taken from trail cameras. Others are pictures of terrifying things that have happened throughout history in various forests and other horrifying images that we won’t be able to forget.

If you have any scary pictures you’ve taken in the woods, share them with us after reading this! Let us know which one makes you want to never step foot in the woods again. Here are 14 Most Chilling Images Taken In The Woods.


#1. A Strange Place For The Circus

What could get scarier than a clown spotted in the middle of the forest? Some think that a clown-sighting is scary enough, while others think that there’s nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to these party entertainers. Even if you don’t have a fear of clowns, you have to admit that this picture is pretty terrifying. Why on Earth would a clown in full gear be wandering in the middle of the woods? More importantly, why is it staring right into the trail cam? Trail cameras are most often camouflaged so that they don’t disturb the natural environment or cause distraction to the world around them.

Clearly, this clown had no problem detecting the hidden technology and seems a little concerned that it’s there in the first place. Is this just another trail cam hoax by someone trying to get attention? Or maybe there’s a psycho killer clown lurking in the woods out there trying to lure in children to a hidden forest torture center.


#2. Someone Lurking Behind The Trees

This was an older photograph that you can tell was scanned onto a computer as indicated by the crease in the corner. This makes it all the more terrifying knowing that it would be much harder to fake an image like this if it came straight from the film! If you look at the wooded area behind the man near the edge of the cliff, you can make out what looks like a hooded figure lurking in the greenery!

The photographer and the man in the picture claim that there was no one else around at the time the photograph was taken and that they have no idea who the hooded figure in the picture might be. If you’re able to zoom in and get a better look, the face doesn’t even look entirely human! The scariest part is that the figure is behind the man who’s so close to the edge, giving the man little chance to escape should the hooded figure become violent!


#3. What Is Chasing That Deer?

This photograph was one taken by a trail camera in the middle of the night. On the left-hand side, we see a deer running, nothing too strange. When you look at the figure on the right, you can quickly see that something absolutely horrifying is chasing after the deer! The blurry figure looks as though it has wings and terrifying white eyes. Some say that it’s photographic evidence of the Jersey Devil. Others believe it’s just a fake image made by someone attempting to get attention. Either way, it’s a horrifying reminder of the terrifying things that happen in the dark.

Unfortunately, deer and other woodland creatures are subjected to the terrors of the night more than we’ll ever have to worry about. What do you think? Is this photograph just another hoax, or do you find it to be terrifying evidence of a horrible forest creature looking for deer to devour?


#4. A Plane Crash Finally Found

Unfortunately, the photograph above shows a missing plane that left Siberia, only to be found crashed in Russia. Imagine walking through the woods one day when you stumble upon this terrifying sight. Thankfully, the plane that was missing for so long was at least found, so the families have time to mourn their loss and bury their loved ones instead of having to wonder where on Earth they could be. Since it had been so long, you can tell that there isn’t much left of the passengers, who unfortunately lost their lives when the plane went down, as you can make out skeletons within the rubble of the plane.

Photographs like these are absolutely tragic but are reminders of what happens when a terrible accident like this happens. Although it’s a terrible tragedy that occurred, at least the family can have some peace after knowing what really happened in this horrific scenario


#5. A Mysterious Figure In The Fog

There’s nothing obviously scary about this particular photograph. It simply looks like a picture of three friends who wanted to remember their journey in the creepy wooded area. However, if you look to the right of the group, you’ll soon notice that there’s a figure hiding in the fog between two trees! Sure, maybe it’s just another person passing through the woods, but the people who took the picture don’t recall seeing anyone else while out on their journey! What a terrifying image to stumble upon afterward. The scariest part about the figure in the back is that it doesn’t totally look human.

The torso looks much shorter and bigger than the average man, with skinny legs to match. It makes us think that maybe the figure is hunching over or just has a scarier demeanor altogether. No matter what the case, photographs like these make us not want to go into the woods, like ever.


#6. What Happened To His Head?

Deer’s biggest predators in the woods are usually wolves, coyotes, and humans. With humans, most of the time, we shoot them with guns or bows and arrows, usually giving them a quick death. When it comes to wolves and coyotes, they usually attack the throat first so as to put the deer out of misery before devouring their meal. In the case of this deer, however, we have to wonder what on earth happened to it to cause it to bleed from its head? Some speculate that it got into a fight with another deer, but the amount of blood and the fact that it’s still alive could potentially indicate something else.

Trail cams are great as they offer a different perspective of wildlife. However, with that comes an entirely new perspective: we now have to wonder what terrifying things happen in the woods to cause all of these horrifying pictures.


#7. A Happy Execution

The photograph above might look like a joke, but it is not at all. The man about to be executed is smiling big as though he’s part of an elaborate prank. In reality, he’s a Russian spy about to be executed in Finland in 1939. You might wonder what he could possibly be smiling about, if he knew something we didn’t, or if there actually was some sort of humorous element to this entire situation. The reality is much more simple. He simply knew there was no way out and that these were his final moments. Since it was going to be photographed, he decided to do nothing other than smile.

This was his last attempt at defiance, a final way to show that those killing him still held no other power over him and that he was at peace with his death. For many spies, they knew that this would likely be their fate, and he had still done all he could to fulfill his duty.


#8. What Is Growing On Him?!

The photograph above is pretty hard to look at given the massive growths sprouting out of the deer’s side. This image was one that was captured on a trail cam. The deer seems to be normal, not crying in pain and still able to walk upright. For us, however, looking at it can be extremely difficult. It looks so painful to be covered in such massive growths all over his body. Are you able to look at the picture without feeling a little sick? Many speculate that the deer is suffering from a bad case of warts or potentially a protein reaction from eating the wrong type of feed.

Either way, there’s no way to be sure. Perhaps it’s something more terrifying than either of those things. No matter what the deer was suffering from, we surely hope that it was rare and that the deer’s okay now because we don’t know how many more terrifying pics like this we can stomach.


#9. What Could That Black Figure Be?

As we just mentioned, trail cameras are able to capture terrifying things in nature as well as normal everyday occurrences. In the case of this particular picture, we’re left with a bit of a mystery. Some might say that the black figure lying on the ground in the photograph above is simply a bear. However, the way that it’s positioned and the overall shape of it makes that a bit hard for us to believe. The shape of the head and the way that it’s lying make it look almost human-like.

Even the deer in the back is like “WTF is that?” Furthermore, when you look at the creature’s foot, it looks a bit misshapen to be a bear’s. Also, what kind of bear just plops down in the middle of the woods alone? There are countless terrifying urban legends of horrifying things living in the woods, like Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil. What do you think this might be?


#10. A Carcass Becomes One With Nature

The photograph above was taken by someone traveling through the woods. As you can see, it looks as though it’s the decomposed corpse of a deer. There’s nothing too out of the ordinary until you look closely and realize that mushrooms are growing where the deer’s body was decaying. A picture like this can really turn our stomachs for several reasons. What might have happened to the deer that caused it to die here? There’s a good chance it died of natural causes, but was there something about the death that made it sprout mushrooms once the corpse decomposed?

Clearly, something caused the fungus to come out of the ground; was it just the decaying corpse or something much more sinister? Some might think it’s a beautiful display of how nature works when no one’s watching. Others find the photograph hard to look at without feeling very itchy and sick all over.


#11. Hanging Dolls In The Forest

This photograph of The Island of the Dolls is terrifying without necessarily meaning to be. After a resident of the island found the remains of a little girl in the water on the shore, he was haunted by her lost life. To help make her soul feel more comfortable while roaming the island and hopefully to help her find peace, he started hanging dolls in the trees. The trend caught on, and before anyone knew it, it became The Island of the Dolls. Years later, with many tourists coming through, the dolls have been subjected to various weather conditions, and years of this caused some of the dolls to be decapitated, deformed, and mutated-looking.

What was once supposed to be a cute way to help remember an innocent life lost has become a terrifying tourist destination that looks like something straight from a Stephen King novel.

#12. Unknowingly Snapping An Injured Victim

The photograph above was taken by a hiker who was hoping to capture his friend scaling the cliff. He succeeded in that, but he also ended up snapping something more terrifying in the background. It’s rather hard to tell, but looking through the trees on the bottom right, you can see something small and red. That’s actually the head and the red hair of a different hiker who had fallen hours before. She sustained such serious injuries that she wasn’t able to call for help.

Her friend had fallen as well and unfortunately didn’t make it. These hikers later found the fallen girl that they accidentally took a picture of and were able to take her to safety and help her with her injuries. A photograph like this is a reminder that we need to be more aware of our surroundings and that something in the background might be much more than just a trick of the eye.


#13. The Evidence In A Missing Person’s Case

The photograph above doesn’t look like much, but if you peer into the red circle, you can potentially make out what looks like a body. Surely, if you take a blurry and dark photograph of the woods at night, you’ll find some figure that you can claim to be a body, but this particular photograph is different. It was found on the camera that belonged to Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers. These two girls had hoped to go on a backpacking adventure together, but unfortunately, their bodies never returned. The girls had been missing for several days before an eerie set of dark photographs were taken on one of their cameras. They had attempted to make 911 calls, so many believe that they were injured during their travels and being unable to actually get through to an emergency contact, died from their injuries.

Some believe the dark photographs were taken as a way to either give themselves light and a way to see what was ahead or worse, possibly capture whatever it was that caused them to disappear in the first place.

#14. Suicide Forest In Japan

Aokigahara is probably one of the world’s most terrifying forests. It’s a forest in Japan known for being a destination spot for tourists but is more often visited by people who wish to commit suicide. For this reason, many believe the forest to be a terrifying wooded area filled with the roaming spirits of those who took their own lives. The photograph above was one of the many horrifying images that have been taken in the forest. If you visit this wooded area, you’ll see many signs around begging those visiting to think of their families and friends before taking their own lives.

Unfortunately, those signs don’t work for many, and the result is many images like the ones in the photograph above littered throughout these woods. It’s horrifying to think that not all of the bodies are removed and that some remain to become part of the woods in which they took their own lives.