14 Cute Animals That Look Like Blood Drinking Monsters.

By Johny in Nature On 19th October 2015

#1 Hey buddy, there is something on ur face. what did you eat? It's Red Blood Berry.

#2 Who wants to taste my new lipstick.

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#4 Stealing a berry.

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#5 It's look like she is pouting for her Facebook Profile Picture.

#6 OMG! This little turtle looks so scary. Looks like real blood on his face.

#8 This bunny loves your body parts LOL.. Just kidding it's just a berry.

#9 Dragon cuts the finger of lady. Noooo Berry effect.

#10 These guys attacking berries badly.

#11 That's really cute. this cutey knows how to eat berry.

#12 Holy GOD! This scares the hell out of me.

#13 Snail: Walk slow but eat big.

#14 Who want a KISS from this bunny.