14 Disney Plot Holes You Probably Didn't Notice As A Kid

By Samantha in Entertainment On 29th August 2015


We all grew up watching the Disney classics (and if you didn't, then I feel sad for your childhood). As children, our logic and reasoning skills weren't fully formed yet and so we didn't notice the narrative incongruities and plot holes in our favorite childhood tales. My friends and I have made it a tradition to drink too much wine and re-watch the Disney classics whenever we're all in the same place and, upon re-visiting these tales as old as time, I was shocked to realize just how many of my favorite Disney movies have huge plot holes that we didn't notice as kids.

Now, I don't want to be a stickler here and act like I'm trying to hold children's movies to some incredibly high standard of realism. However, when the whole of the narrative hinges around said plot hole, you can't help but question it. At the outset of this article, I didn't realize just how many plot holes there were in Disney movies. However, the more I brainstormed, the more that I realized just how many incongruities exist in the stories we loved as kids.

Now, some of these are smaller than others and really don't make too much of a difference in the big picture. But some of these plot holes are big enough that someone in the writers' room should have scratched their head and said, "Hey guys, I know we're all hungover here but someone will probably notice that Cinderella's shoe should have disappeared at midnight along with her dress and fancy carriage." Whatever the case, these narrative inconsistencies won't ruin your favorite childhood films but hopefully these Disney plot holes will give you new perspective and make you more observant the next time you re-visit the movies of yesteryear.

#2 Why Didn't Cinderella's Shoe Disappear?

At midnight, all of Cinderella's fabulous new things either disappeared or turned back into pumpkins and mice and what not. I never understood why the glass slipper remained in tact... seems like a mightily convenient plot hole.

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#3 Why Didn't Ariel Just, Like, Write Prince Eric Notes?

Ariel signed a contract with Ursula; she clearly knows how to read and write. If nothing else, she for sure knows how to write her name. Why not just ask Eric for a pen and paper to explain who she is and why she has no voice? Would have saved everyone a lot of trouble (and Eric wouldn't have had to be a murderer).

#4 Where Did Elsa's Powers Come From?

It's not weird that Elsa has deadly ice-slinging magical powers. This is Disney, after all. What is weird, though, is that Frozen doesn't give us any back story whatsoever as to how or why Elsa can shoot shards of ice out of her palms. Was this a scorned fairy godmother curse? A gift bestowed on her by a god at her christening? Give us something to work with here, Disney.

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#5 How Did No One Notice That Mulan's A Woman?

How long was Mulan enlisted in the army for and how did no one notice she was a woman? I know she had that one awkward bathing scene but what about the rest of her bodily functions? What does she do when she has her period? How did no one notice that she's lacking arm pit hair? How does she use the bathroom every day with no one noticing? How did no one call her out for her inability to grow facial hair? I just feel like the 'masquerading as a man' ruse would only work for like, one week, tops.

#6 Why Was The Beast Cursed At 11 Years Old?

If you know any elementary school-aged boys, you know that boys of that age can be a pain in the ass (and they can be kind of mean, too). The Beast has been a Beast for 10 years at the point when Belle meets him and he's about to turn 21. So, by using my stellar math skills, I have deduced that the witch lady in Beauty and The Beast put a curse on Beast when he was 11... that just seems a little harsh. Like, let the kid make some mistakes. Also, where the hell are Beast's parents? They just dipped out and were like "Nah, you don't need us. The porcelain china and the candlestick have your back. See ya."

#7 Why Does Buzz Freeze When Humans Come Around If He Doesn't Believe He's A Toy?

When Buzz first joins the crew in Toy Story, he doesn't realize that he's a toy and believes that he is, in fact, a space ranger. However, Buzz still freezes up anytime a human comes around. If he believes that he's real, wouldn't he just keep on moving like normal?

#8 Why Do Roger & Anita Need (Or Want) So Many Dogs?

I'm sorry, it's just sketchy that two humans would want to house and pay to feed 101 dalmatians. What is this, a puppy mill? If I were their neighbors, I would have some serious suspicions.

#9 Why Do Rapunzel's Roots Turn Brown When She Cuts All Her Hair Off?

In Tangled, anytime that Rapunzel cuts of a lock of hair, the lock of hair turns brown but the hair on her head stays blonde. Why does her whole head suddenly turn brown when she cuts off all of her hair? This makes no sense.

#10 Are Simba & Nala Related?

Let's be real: there aren't any other male lions that we see in the pride except for Scar and Mufasa. Scar is openly hostile to Nala and there's no way he's her dad... So that leaves Mufasa. Are Nala & Simba half-siblings? I know they're lions but damn. That's a little creepy for my taste.

#11 Why Does The Beast Have A Portrait of His Future Self?

Like I mentioned earlier, Beast was 11 when he was cursed. And yet he has a portrait of himself as a man hanging in his house... Did he just hire a portrait artist who was really good at guessing how his features would age? The F.B.I. could surely benefit from an artist of that caliber.

#12 Why Was Ariel So Chill With Being Served Seafood?

This one seems particularly barbaric. Her best friend is a crab and yet she appears non-plussed when fresh, steaming crab is served up on a platter in front of her.

#13 If Jafar Isn't As Powerful As Genie, Why Is He Able To Undo The Genie's Spell?

Jafar himself addresses the fact that the Genie is more powerful than him in Aladdin. And yet Jafar is able to undo the Genie's wish and turn Aladdin back into a street rat with the flick of his creepy staff. This doesn't seem to add up.

#14 Why Would The Army Let A Disabled Man Go Off To War When Li Shang Is Ready To Send Mulan Home 'Cause She's Bad A Balancing Jugs On A Stick?

Mulan's dad can barely walk but the army was still like "nah bro, we need you to fight." But then Mulan goes off to training and Li Shang is ready to kick her out because she's not a coordinated freak of nature and can't, like, break concrete blocks with her face. Explain to me how this makes any sense.

#15 Why Are The Villagers Suddenly Chill With Elsa's Powers?

One second, the villagers in Frozen are ready to burn Elsa at the stake like this is the Salem Witch Trials and the next, they're like yay, Queen Elsa, make us snowflakes! What went down that facilitated that rapid shift?