14 Logical Puzzles That Everyone Should Be Able to Solve

By Editorial Staff in Puzzle On 16th February 2017

#1 why?

Note : See All Answers at last page!

#2 weather prediction?

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#3 guess why?

#4 fly back to you?

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#5 where is she sitting?

#6 why wasn't he able to do that before?

#7 Which floor calls the elevator most often?

#8 what did the company do to prevent theft?

#9 when?

#10 Who is significantly different from all the rest?

#11 resolve this issue?

#12 what is the solution?

#13 how many pages are there?

#14 Who'll be knocked off?

#15 Answers

1. This man is very short. He can only reach button 17 in the elevator with an umbrella or with the help of a neighbor.

2. No, because it will be night again in 72 hours, and there can be no sun in the sky.

3. It was put next to a wall.

4. Upwards.

5. The girl is sitting in your lap.

6. His next-door neighbor was snoring loudly, but awoke to the ring of his phone.

7. The ground floor.

8. Nike built another factory and began manufacturing left and right sneakers separately.

9. When we look at our watch.

10. Sherlock Holmes, because he is a fictional character.

11. All bears were bandaged, and the kids were told that the toys should stay at the hospital to get better.

12. A notice was posted on the door of the theater, saying, ’We kindly request that all ladies take off their hats during the movie. This does not apply to old ladies.’

13. There are only the covers of the two books between these pages.

14. D will be hit to the head by the rolling ball, C will be smacked by the spikes when that same ball rolls onto the swing, and B will be hit, in turn, by the counterweight ball thrown off the swing up and forward.