14 People Who Are So Photogenic That They Couldn't Take A Bad Picture Even If They Tried

By Editorial Staff in Cool On 6th September 2015

#1 She's always worn mud well. Hell, she wears everything well.

#2 Judging by just his face, you'd think he was lying down on the sofa watching a romantic comedy.

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#4 So fancy he paints his nails for the hell of it. And so he can say "you just got beat by a guy with painted nails" after he wins.

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#5 Flaming walls bring out her inner model.

#6 This should be in every American airport's international terminals, with "Welcome to Murica" emblazoned on it.

#7 Yes he's getting tackled. Yes his helmet got taken off. And yes, he's still blue-steeling somehow.

#8 Catch and pose, people. Catch and pose

#9 "You call these hurdles? Psh, more like stages."

#10 She probably kept that exact pose and face, even after.

#11 Not even remotely winded

#12 What can she say. Misty flips make her heart sing.

#13 We'll forgive him for not knowing where the camera was, just on the basis of jaw structure alone.

#14 And of course, the man, the myth, the legend - the one that started it all: "photogenic runner guy."