14 Secret Thoughts Every Girl Has While Checking Her BF's Phone!

By Sughra Hafeez in Life Style On 19th September 2015

#1 Welcome to the world of stalking and possessiveness!

Are you checking out your boyfriend's phone right now? Many thoughts come across a girl's mind while going through her partner's phone.

#2 Should I take the advantage of this excellent opportunity?

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#4 Where to begin now? So many choices, so much to see and so little time!

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#5 I have to check out his ex's messages.

#6 Alright now, who is this other girl?

#7 I should probably hurry up and go to the photo section.

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#8 Seriously, how many selfies can a person click?

#10 I thought I was the only girl.

#9 How come there are so many dirty pictures here? I never sent him one!

#11 I hate technology now.

#12 Yes! At least he has saved all our special dates in his memo. That clearly shows, he cares for me.

#13 I should respect his choices.

#14 He is a good guy. I am feeling guilty now. Checking out his phone was an awful idea.