14 Things You Should Avoid Saying To A Kardashian-Addict

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 9th September 2015


"There's been a scandal with a sex tape in 2006." The infamous sex tape brought Kim to the fore of show-business. If it wasn't for her charisma and hard work, she wouldn't be famous.


"The Kardashians are everything that is wrong with America." Do you really mean it? There have been a lot of issues in the US: unemployment, foreign debt etc. Are you saying Kim did it?

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"They are so trashy." Well, are you worthy enough? Only Anna Wintour can cast stones at Kim.

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"Khloe is a man; Rob is fat; Kourtney is a bitch; Bruce looks like a freak; Kim isn't even that hot."

You've just said you are not interested in that "fashionable society"! How come you know even more about them than I do?


"Keeping Up With the Kardashians is scripted." Reality TV is not that real. So, what's left you can enjoy the performance or turn off the TV.


"The divorce is on the horizon." Stop saying those nasty things! I repeat: they adore each other.


"Kim is fat." Nothing left to say? That's a pity. Your arguments are becoming cyclical.


"Kendall is only a model because she's part of a famous family." That's nothing more but business.


"The Kardashians are insufferable on Twitter." Still, their opponents just like you can hardly reach the number of 100 followers, while army of their lovers account for millions.


"I have no time to care about them." Oh. My. God. You are repeating yourself. Facepalm.


"Brody Jenner is hot." Yeah, here you are right! But his shine cannot be looked at for ever. You must give your eyes some rest.


"Their family is not talented." They created an empire, monetized E!. Even if they cry over absence of talent, that happens on their way to the bank.