14 Vintage Witch Photos That Are Definitely Real And Prove Witches Exist!

By Michael Avery in Geeks and Gaming On 28th September 2015

Witches. What do you do with them? If we're to take any notice of history, we're supposed to kill them and, if they don't die, we need to try an kill them again.

And if they do, they're not a witch. It's a tricky area, really

But how do you know if you've seen a witch? Well, they definitely don't bother disguising themselves as normal people. What would be the point, right?

#1. Call us sceptics but that tree doesn’t look real and the one on the left is holding a feather duster, not a broom. Perhaps she thought we wouldn’t notice?

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#3. Comic-Con number 1

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#4. It’s like they got caught being all witchy and now they’re embarrassed.

#5. It’s easy to see where the old image came from. Mind you, is that an early Google animation thing on their tablecloth?

#6. What do you mean the hat has been badly photoshopped? That’s totally real, man!

In all seriousness, that picture is genuinely supposed to be proof of witches. The only magic here is that she could use photoshop like 100 years before anyone else.

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#7. Just a girl sweeping the grass… only a witch would be so hopeless at looking casual.

#8. Two of her victims.

#9. At first this looks beyond creepy. But when you look closer, you can see the one on the right has “calculus” written on her dress so, presumably, this is some kind of messed up maths lesson.

#10. The most convincing one so far.

#11. Obviously she’s a witch. She turned a cat into a toy…

#12. The WI Halloween social 1905?

#13. Maybe it’s like karate? The higher rank you get, the darker your hat gets… that’s why the little ones have white hats?

#14. Again, the hat doesn’t look like it belongs in this photo?


So basically, if you're on a witch hunt, look out for the hat. That's really the only advice we can give you

OH YEAH sometimes they do magic. Watch for that too.


Or just wait for them to come out on Yahoo answers