15 Astounding Things That You Will Find Only In Canada And No Other Part Of The World

Posted by Sama in Funny On 9th March 2020

Are you planning to visit Canada soon? For vacation maybe? Good. Because here we have collected some very interesting facts about Canada that you sure would not want to miss out on.


#1 The land famous for its unnecessarily polite people and for some reason there is a lot of moose too

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#2 Only in Canada you will find milk in a bag


#3 They even have special containers to drink milk that is available in bags


#4 First bagged milk and now bagged water too

#5 Their habit of phrasing headings dramatically. Also, for your information, the bear was flying because it was hit by a car

#6 Their desserts are very special and very cheap

#7 They refrigerate stuff differently

#8 Their pronunciations can sometimes be weird and very special too


#9 Only in Canada you will find such dramatic flavors

#10 They call this their "Kraft Dinner" and they consume 55% more Kraft than Americans do

#11 Their geography is confusing. They literally have thousands of islands

#12 Their money is made out of the polymer that lasts longer. And oh, it is also see-through


#13 If their sweatshirts have hoods, then they call them bunnyhugs

#14 Soccer+baseball= Kickball

#15 Their hangover cure is a 'caesar' drink. It can be garnished with celery, olives, limes, or cucumbers.