15 Celebrities You Most Likely Didn’t Know Are Mixed

By Sumaiya Ghani in Entertainment On 18th October 2015


Gabby Reece has to be one of the most beautiful women that has ever lived, and the fact that she has that toned body and can slam a volleyball is almost too much. Very few people know that Reece's father was Trinidadian. Sadly, he was killed in a plane crash when Reece was only 5 years old.


This hottie, who's best known for his role in "Prison Break," was born to a black father and a white mother. Most people never suspect Wentworth is anything but white, which is ironic, because he got his start in the film "The Human Stain" where he played a black man who was passing for white.

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Rashida Jones is one of the most sought after comedic actresses working in Hollywood today. She was a standout on "The Office," and who could forget her antics on the long-running "Parks and Recreation." Most of Rashida's fans don't know that she is the daughter of actress Peggy Lipton and music mogul Quincy Jones. Yes, that's the Jones.

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Maya Rudolph is another funny lady whose fans probably don't know exactly what nationality she is. The actress and comedian, who rose to prominence on NBC's Saturday Night Live as a cast member for 7 years, has played a host of racially ambiguous characters. Rudolph herself is biracial, the daughter of singer Minnie Ripperton and music composer Richard Rudolph.


Cash Warren is a producer who's probably best known for being one of the luckiest guys in the world because he's married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, Jessica Alba. Not many people know that Cash is biracial his father is the black actor Michael Warren, famous for his role on Hill Street Blues.


Jennifer Beals flew onto the scene in the movie "Flashdance" doing those sexy moves, and sometimes doing them drenched. She then thrilled audiences in "Devil in a Blue Dress." But she really made hearts race when she played a sexy lesbian on Showtime's "The L Word." Still, after decades of being a beloved actress, not many of Beals' fans know that she is biracial.


While many of these biracial celebrities play white roles, what's particularly interesting about Troian Bellisario is that she plays a super white girl, as in a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) on the show "Pretty Little Liars." But Bellisario's mother is the African-American actress and television producer Deborah Pratt.


Soledad O'Brien was what many news watchers had needed, which was a younger version of Katie Couric, someone with that spunk and down-to-Earth-ness we all admire. It wasn't until the news correspondent appeared on CNN's "Black in America" did people learn she was actually biracial.


Everyone's favorite "Dolly," Carol Channing is one of the most famous Broadway performers that has ever lived. In fact, most people think they can probably do a decent impression of Mz. Channing (we certainly can). Carol didn't reveal to anyone that her father was black until she was close to 80 years old.


Michael Fosberg is an action movie actor whose own life turned into more of a Hollywood script than even he ever would have imagined. He was well into his 30s when his mother decided to tell him that the father he had always known wasn't actually his biological father and that his biological father was black.


Besides being absolutely huge and beefy, Vin Diesel is an actor and a filmmaker best known for his role in "The Fast and the Furious" franchise. Although he himself has always identified as a person of color, most of his fans have no idea that Vin's mother is white and his father is black.


Darnell Martin made history back in 1994 but no one really knew about it. Back then she wrote, produced and directed the film "I Like it Like That." She was technically the first black woman to write and direct a film for a major Hollywood studio but only very few people even knew (or even know today) that Darnell's father was black.


While the majority of the people on this list "pass" for white, Daniel Sunjata actually doesn't "pass" as a white guy, he more often than not gets mistaken for an Hispanic man. But the hunky "Rescue Me" actor is actually half black and half white. The heartthrob can currently be seen on USA's "Graceland."


There is a term that has followed Dwayne Jonson around for most of his career, and that term is "ambiguously ethnic." Meaning most people can "tell" he's not exactly white, or all white, but they don't know what all is in there. Jonson is actually half black and half Samoan. Which sounds like a delicious Girlscout cookie.