15 Cosplayers Who Are Doing Parenting Right

By Johny in Cosplay On 10th September 2015

#1 The Walking Dead: The mini-Michonne still looks fierce.

#2 Bob's Burgers: Louise might be a bit pouty, but this family still looks awesome.

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#3 Dr. Who: They grow up so fast: treasure these moments now because the timey-wimey really flies.

#4 BioShock: The Little Sisters look so accurate - and creepy. Very creepy.

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#5 The Lord of the Rings: Because children are the perfect hobbits.

#6 Predator: This cosplay proves that even small predators can be deadly.

#7 Brave: When you have triplets, there are a lot of cosplay options, but we really like this creative Brave tribute.

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#8 The Avengers: Avengers..er..family assemble!

#9 Star Wars: More dads should cosplay as Princess Leia, in our opinion.

#10 Guild Wars: These two look they came straight out of Tyria.

#11 Where The Wild Things Are: I thought Max traveled by boat

#12 Beetlejuice: All that's missing is a performance of "Day-o".

#13 The Incredibles: Even babies can get in on the cosplay fun.

#14 Harry Potter: There is something magically heartwarming about this costume.

#15 How To Train Your Dragon: Her axe is almost as big as she is!