15 Creepiest Photos Ever Captured On The Subway

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 21st March 2017

The subway is a breeding-ground for strange behavior. When you get so many people in one place every day, there are certain to be some weird people about, if not regular people having a weird time. You can’t control your surroundings, so the typical move is to look at your phone/book/anything and pretend you’re not uncomfortably aware of the dude who’s openly rubbing his nipples and staring into your soul. The subway is an exercise in patients, self control, tolerance and acting among other things. Riding the subway can help you grow as a person, as well as raise your standards as to what is considered personal space.

The subway is usually nothing more than a necessity. For the most part (at least in American cities) it’s filthy, filled with rats that will literally kill you if they get the chance. It’s something that we all need to take at least a few times in our lives, and sometimes it’s a daily occurrence. Hopefully these 15 crazy subway pictures will help you get through your morning commute. Just be glad you’re not sitting next to some of the people on this list. The homeless guy sleeping on your shoulder is going to look like heaven compared to some of these.


#1 Bigfoot

People scoff at me when I say that the existence of Bigfoot is more realistic than it seems. Well, it appears that he’s not isolated to the Pacific Northwest. One of the creatures seems to be trying to make his way in the Big Apple. Subway passengers got the treat of sitting next to this hairy giant, and in typical subway fashion they just looked straight forward and didn’t make a scene. The two passengers next to Bigfoot are subway veterans. They know that some goon is either having a rough day as Bigfoot or is trying to get some laughs. Either way, it’s not their business. I have to admit, though, this is a pretty compelling Bigfoot costume. Maybe the best hiding place is right in front of our eyes….


#2 Snake Charmer

I’m not a reptile guy. I don’t understand the appeal of them, and snakes are probably one of the more hotly debated pet. Some people love them and some people hate them. I’m closer to the latter, and if I saw this guy on the train I would sit as far away as possible. Snakes seem pretty unpredictable and uncontrollable. They’re not like a dog, which may behave inappropriately but can be controlled by its owner. Snakes seem like if they’re hungry, they may or may not try their luck at eating you. Does a snake even understand who their owner is and who puts food on the table? I don’t know, and I’d lean towards them not knowing or caring. Either way, this guy seems a little too intimate with his snake for my comfort.


#3 Turkey Dinner

A woman was captured eating a full turkey on the subway one evening. The passengers around her look sufficiently weirded-out, which is understandable. There is something even more bizarre about this woman’s actions. When someone is clearly a crazy person it is easy to ignore them. It’s even weirder when you see a (seemingly) normal lady cutting and eating a turkey in front of your eyes. Is she trying to pull something or is she genuinely just eating a turkey for no reason? One thing’s for sure, anyone who would pull something like this should not be wielding a knife that big. I’m sure no one had the nerve to say anything, as you can’t predict the behavior of someone who will eat a full turkey in one of the most disgusting environments on the planet.

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