15 Creepiest Photos Ever Captured On The Subway

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 21st March 2017

The subway is a breeding-ground for strange behavior. When you get so many people in one place every day, there are certain to be some weird people about, if not regular people having a weird time. You can’t control your surroundings, so the typical move is to look at your phone/book/anything and pretend you’re not uncomfortably aware of the dude who’s openly rubbing his nipples and staring into your soul. The subway is an exercise in patients, self control, tolerance and acting among other things. Riding the subway can help you grow as a person, as well as raise your standards as to what is considered personal space.

The subway is usually nothing more than a necessity. For the most part (at least in American cities) it’s filthy, filled with rats that will literally kill you if they get the chance. It’s something that we all need to take at least a few times in our lives, and sometimes it’s a daily occurrence. Hopefully these 15 crazy subway pictures will help you get through your morning commute. Just be glad you’re not sitting next to some of the people on this list. The homeless guy sleeping on your shoulder is going to look like heaven compared to some of these.


#1 Bigfoot

People scoff at me when I say that the existence of Bigfoot is more realistic than it seems. Well, it appears that he’s not isolated to the Pacific Northwest. One of the creatures seems to be trying to make his way in the Big Apple. Subway passengers got the treat of sitting next to this hairy giant, and in typical subway fashion they just looked straight forward and didn’t make a scene. The two passengers next to Bigfoot are subway veterans. They know that some goon is either having a rough day as Bigfoot or is trying to get some laughs. Either way, it’s not their business. I have to admit, though, this is a pretty compelling Bigfoot costume. Maybe the best hiding place is right in front of our eyes….


#2 Snake Charmer

I’m not a reptile guy. I don’t understand the appeal of them, and snakes are probably one of the more hotly debated pet. Some people love them and some people hate them. I’m closer to the latter, and if I saw this guy on the train I would sit as far away as possible. Snakes seem pretty unpredictable and uncontrollable. They’re not like a dog, which may behave inappropriately but can be controlled by its owner. Snakes seem like if they’re hungry, they may or may not try their luck at eating you. Does a snake even understand who their owner is and who puts food on the table? I don’t know, and I’d lean towards them not knowing or caring. Either way, this guy seems a little too intimate with his snake for my comfort.


#3 Turkey Dinner

A woman was captured eating a full turkey on the subway one evening. The passengers around her look sufficiently weirded-out, which is understandable. There is something even more bizarre about this woman’s actions. When someone is clearly a crazy person it is easy to ignore them. It’s even weirder when you see a (seemingly) normal lady cutting and eating a turkey in front of your eyes. Is she trying to pull something or is she genuinely just eating a turkey for no reason? One thing’s for sure, anyone who would pull something like this should not be wielding a knife that big. I’m sure no one had the nerve to say anything, as you can’t predict the behavior of someone who will eat a full turkey in one of the most disgusting environments on the planet.


#4 Japanese Train Pushers

In America, there is a bit of pushing and shoving in crowded trains, but nothing like what happens in Japan. Some cities in Japan are so populated that they need designated “train pushers” to pack all of the passengers into a train car. It’s not just the population that causes these pile-ups, it’s the fact that nearly everyone is taking the train at peak hours. The streets are even more of a nightmare to navigate, so many commuters would rather be packed into a crowded train than drive themselves. Americans value personal space, especially on the train. No one likes to be sitting too close to anyone, but in Japan they have no choice. This situation may have a silver lining, however. As we all know, weird stuff happens on the train. Instead of ignoring it, you could argue that weird things would happen far less on Japanese trains because no one has the room to be a weirdo.


#5 Pants-less Check-In

Wow, it looks like someone is having a tough day. Remember those dreams you had when you were younger? You know, the ones where you shoe up to school in your underwear and you have to do a presentation. The whole class is laughing at you as you try to cover up, and you wake up in a cold sweat, thanking God it was just a dream. Well, you know what they say; if you can dream it you can live it. It looks like this man was experiencing a real-life nightmare on the subway. While this must have been a strange sight to behold, the backstory is what really interests me. What happened to his pants? Was he mugged and someone stole them? Did he have an accident and need to take them off? Or is there a third option that my puny human brain can’t even think of? One thing is for sure; this guy had a cold, disgusting, embarrassing ride home on the train.


#6 Cutting Onions

A twelve minute video was uploaded to YouTube that shows a woman cutting onions on the New York subway during her commute. It appears that this was some kind of performance art, but I don’t think many people understood what was going on. Even watching the video, it’s hard to tell whether or not she’s serious. The woman just sits in her seat and cuts onions for over ten minutes with tears streaming down her cheeks. Riders can be seen moving away from her, either because of the smell or because of the aura of strange. At the end of the video she just pours all of the onions into a bag, so it seems like she was just doing this to make people uncomfortable. Great job, lady; worked like a charm!


#7 Balloon Car

There has to be an explanation for this. This will not stand. Sure, it looks cute from your phone or computer screen, but imagine waiting for the train one morning, having it arrive, only to be jam-packed with balloons! That’s enough for me to skip work. “Welp, looks like the work Gods don’t want me to go in today.” This is infuriating; the next photo needs to be of a guy with a knife wreaking havoc on all of those balloons.

It seems likely that this is some kind of prank, which is the ‘why’ (even if it’s shaky), but the ‘how’ is even more interesting. Were they blown up on the train or did the culprit stuff them all in? Did anyone try to stop them? Are there people squished in there too? There are too many questions about this picture and I need them all answered ASAP.


#8 Ripped Pants/No Pants

Wardrobe malfunctions are relatively common on the train. People wear weird clothing, and oftentimes that clothing doesn’t cover as much skin as you’d like. This young lady’s pants appear to have had a rough day, as there is virtually nothing left of them. Fashion is pretty odd, however, and she could be wearing these intentionally. They seem to have a bit of coherence, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that she went out like this intentionally. They seem to be covering enough and have an anchor at the ankles. If not, those fashion rips sure were worth it. I know people like to rag on buying pre-ripped jeans, and this woman could be the poster child for the phenomenon.


#9 Spiderman’s Side Job

We don’t usually think of superheroes needing to earn some extra cash, but those fancy suits don’t pay for themselves. We all know that the print newspaper industry is dying, and they have to make cutbacks wherever they are necessary. Looks like ol’ Peter Parker wasn’t pulling his weight with the Spiderman pictures, and he has resigned himself to playing saxophone on the subway for change.

Subway performers have to find a way to stand out in some fashion, and this is as good as any. Dressing up in your kid’s costume will generate you 1,000% more income than the balding, classical-playing nerd three stops away. Unless the bucket drummer is dressed up as Deadpool I doubt this guy has any rivals in the subway music game. Keep doing you, Spidey!


#10 Umbrella Lady

For this one, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that it was raining that day. If it wasn’t raining, then this is a whole other situation. So, it appears that there are one of two things at play in the picture. First, it was a rainy day and this woman was distracted, making her forget to close her umbrella when she got on the train. That’s understandable, and even if she’s a complete airhead you can’t hold it against her. The second and more egregious case would be if this woman just wanted more space to herself, and therefore used her umbrella to keep people away from her. Nobody wants to get too close to other people on the train, but this is going a little too far. As soon as you start bothering other people with your space saver, you’re the jerk.


#11 Princess Leia’s Abduction

The subway is such a weird place that it’s difficult to tell whether someone is being serious or doing a bit. The comedy group, Improv Everywhere, staged a skit on the subway that involved Princess Leia being captured by the Empire on the subway. If the passengers didn’t catch on when they saw a fully-garbed Leia reading a “Galactic Rebellion for Dummies” book, then they certainly understood what was happening when Vader entered the train that the interaction from the first film was recited for them. Stunts like these are funny for the viewers, and even sometimes for the passengers, but when I see shenanigans like this taking place on the train I just get annoyed. Leave these poor passengers alone!

#12 Train Skull

One concerned traveler in the New York subway snapped a photo of some hoodlums hitching a free ride on the back of a train car. He told the kids to stop what they were doing, and a predictable response of middle fingers and swears ensued. He took a picture of the boys, with the intent to alert police of their behavior. Police were unable to help the situation, as the boys were already gone, but the photo he took appears to have captured something even more chilling than some young boys catching a free ride. Underneath the back of the train car is what appears to be a skull. The man who took the photo says that it could just be a trick of the light. But he does remember seeing something odd underneath the train car that day. There’s not necessarily any implications of a skull being depicted under a train car, but it’s spooky nonetheless.


#13 The Nipple Twister

There are a large amount of weird people in this world. Fortunate for us, they also are inclined to do their weird sh*t on the subway. Pictures like these are hilarious to look at but they must be terrifying to see in person. A guy with a see-through shirt with nipple holes cut out, openly twisting his nipples for the world to see can be capable of anything. This guy needs to be put on a list somewhere for this kind of behavior. It’s almost certainly not a stunt, unlike some of the others on this list, so credit to the people next to him for ignoring him. The woman to his left seems to be doing all she can not to squirm, and I can’t blame her. Weird train behavior is expected, but there’s a certain threshold of strange that this guy just surpassed.

#14 Shark Attack

Many passengers thought that some poor child had dropped their shark toy on the subway one morning. NOPE! That’s a real baby shark. It was dead, of course, but it still must be a jarring sight to find an actual shark on the floor of a New York subway car. No one knows how the shark got there, but it got a free ride on the train for a few stops before it was removed. The shark was a huge attraction that day, as people began taking photos of it and posing with it, even adding props like cigarettes and beer to help the shark relax. The shark was reportedly about a foot long and weighed up to ten pounds. This should serve as a lesson to all other sharks who think they’re tough enough to make it in the big city.

#15 New York Post Subway Death Photo

This may be the most chilling and controversial photo on this list, as it shows a man moments before he is about to be killed by a train. Even more, it was the cover of a major publication and not just something that was posted online. In 2012, the New York Times posted a cover picture that showed Queens resident Ki-Suck Han moments before he was fatally struck and killed by a train. The New York Times has always been fond of sensationalized and controversial covers, but this picture went even further than that. This photo incites that argument: why not put down your camera and try to save the man’s life? It wasn’t like he was saved by another passenger; this man died after the photo was taken. The photo was taken by Umar Abbasi, and he argued that he was not strong enough to save the man, and tried to flash his camera at the train’s driver to try to get him to stop, inadvertently capturing the next day’s cover photo.