15 Creepiest Places Ever Found On Google Maps

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 3rd February 2017

It’s nearly impossible to visit everywhere you want to go, especially if you have a long list of possible destinations. Work and family often occupy our time, and our dreams of seeing the world are relegated to fantasy rather than reality. In the age of technology, however, we can get the sense of experiencing a new location from behind a computer. Of course, it’s not the same as actually going to a place and experiencing all that it has to offer, but there is still a sense of wonder when experiencing a new place for the first time.

Now, most of the places on this list are not on anyone’s travel destination bucket list. Some of them are near impossible to get to in the first place, as they are in remote locations or harsh climates. The Google Maps Street View ability allows us to look inside some of these abandoned towns, haunted houses and otherwise creepy locations without having to make a trip across the globe. These disturbing and downright creepy destinations can give a similar sense of wonder and creeps as watching a scary movie, although in these cases, you know that the places you are visiting are actually real.

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