15 Creepiest Places Ever Found On Google Maps

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 3rd February 2017

It’s nearly impossible to visit everywhere you want to go, especially if you have a long list of possible destinations. Work and family often occupy our time, and our dreams of seeing the world are relegated to fantasy rather than reality. In the age of technology, however, we can get the sense of experiencing a new location from behind a computer. Of course, it’s not the same as actually going to a place and experiencing all that it has to offer, but there is still a sense of wonder when experiencing a new place for the first time.

Now, most of the places on this list are not on anyone’s travel destination bucket list. Some of them are near impossible to get to in the first place, as they are in remote locations or harsh climates. The Google Maps Street View ability allows us to look inside some of these abandoned towns, haunted houses and otherwise creepy locations without having to make a trip across the globe. These disturbing and downright creepy destinations can give a similar sense of wonder and creeps as watching a scary movie, although in these cases, you know that the places you are visiting are actually real.

#1 Thirteenth Gate House

The 13th Gate House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is known as one of the best haunted houses in the country. There isn’t much notable lore behind the haunted house, but all throughout the year the staff at this haunted house puts on a show for visitors. If you’re a bit too squeamish or scared to go to a haunted house in person, you can explore this one through the safety and security of the internet. You can Explore the haunted house’s many attractions, such as an insane asylum and slaughterhouse. In total, there are 13 attractions in the haunted house, though they aren’t all available on the Google Maps Street View. You can even take a look behind the curtain and see a few of the actors getting their makeup done. If you want to see what you’re getting into before hitting a haunted house, take a look at 13th Gate House on Google Maps.


#2 Bodie State Park, California

Bodie, California, was a mining town in the 1800s, which lured people to California with the promise of wealth during the gold rush. People came from across the country and the world to try to make their fortune, but there was only so much to go around. When production started to fade, people moved on to the next mining town and left Bodie for good. No one really seemed to have any loyalty to the town, because before long the town became completely unoccupied. Bodie was made a state park as a historical landmark, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t spooky. The town has been virtually untouched since the early 1900s, and it is now an authentic wild-west ghost town. Bodie serves as a chilling reminder that, one day, all of the world may look this lonely and empty – almost forgotten. You can visit in person, but if you want to get the sense of stepping right into the Twilight Zone, you can pull it up on Google Maps and explore the deserted streets in this hauntingly empty town.

#3 Bran Castle

Bran Castle may not ring a bell, but given the more popular name of “Dracula’s Castle,” you might begin to understand why this makes the list of creepy places you can visit on Google Maps. Most of the spook comes from the fact that this was the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as there are not many supernatural reports coming out of the castle. In fact, it is reported that Stoker had little knowledge of the actual castle in his writing. He actually had the layout of a different castle in mind, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is where the king of vampires was supposed to reside. This is one of the hottest supernatural tourist destinations on earth, but you don’t need to renew your passport or book a flight to get a tour. Most of the castle is now visible through Google Maps, so you can peruse the rooms that used to house the founder of Team Edward, Dracula.


#4 Frightland

Frightland is a popular Halloween fun-house located in Middletown, Delaware that is active during the Halloween months. While it’s most popular during the spookiest month of the year, the building gives out a creepy vibe all year-round. Commuters riding on US-13 are treated to the sight of a large silo painted in the likeness of a grinning skull. This may not be the scariest sight if you know the context, but any unsuspecting traveler to drive by a farm and see a skull grinning at them must experience a little fright. On Google Maps, you can take a look at the outside of the building and see where the spooks are generated. The skull isn’t immune from a little holiday cheer as well, as you can see it sporting a Santa hat and beard during the winter months. I’m sure that’s not creepy at all…

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