15 Dads Who Will Do Literally Anything To Make Their Daughters Happy

By Sumaiya Ghani in Amazing On 28th September 2015

#1 Or this Little Red Riding Hood dad.

Ball so hard.

#2 This bow-wearing dad.

"My daughter likes me to wear hair-bows with her."

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#4 This guy whose daughter really wanted a swing set.

Is he available for parties?

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#5 But not more than this dad.

Became a dad. This is how we party now.

#6 This dad who took his daughter to a One Direction concert.

I now know what real pain looks like.

#7 This princess dad.

Pinkie up.

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#8 This pedicured dad.

Pink is his signature color.

#9 Or this Wonder Woman dad…

Look at that sass.

#10 This Queen Elsa dad…

Olaf needed a little context.

#11 This hungry dad.

"She likes it when we eat at HER table."

#12 This dad-turned-coloring-book.

A masterpiece.

#13 This man who got unexpected relief from the summer heat.

Pee down dat back.

#14 This man who is thoroughly enjoying teatime…


#15 This styled dad.

There's some Baby Spice realness.