15 Delicious Snack Hacks To Prepare You For Hibernating This Fall.

By Michael Avery in Food On 5th October 2015

#1 Using the lid of your yogurt container as a spoon.

This is way more efficient than performing cunnilingus on your yogurt cup.

#2 This cupcake sandwich hack.

Do you eat enough cupcakes for this be useful? You're not alone.

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#4 This DIY popcorn container.

You're hood will smell nice and buttery afterwards.

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#5 This straw holder.

If you can resist peeling the tab off, that is.

#6 This mind-blowing choco milk recipe.

#8 This makeshift paperclip fork.

Use your scissors as the knife.

#9 This ketchup-maximizer.

Get more out of your sauce holders by unfolding the rims

#10 Filling an empty Nutella jar with ice cream.

Bonus points if you use ice cream that already has Nutella in it.

#11 This corny microwave trick.

Shuck that.

#12 Using frozen grapes to keep your wine cold.

Be an artisanal alcoholic.

#13 This method for separating egg yolk from white.

#14 This simple ice cream sandwich hack.

This was in 'The Martian' script originally but they cut it out.

#15 This fried egg hack.

So good they look fake.