15 Discontinued Snacks We Want Back In Our Lives NOW

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 1st September 2015

#1 Pokémon Cereal

‘Gotta catch them all!' the famous Pokemon catchphrase. In the case of the cereal, that's probably tooth decay, heart disease and diabetes. These sugar filled treats were discontinued for health reasons.

#2 Turkey Twizzlers

Jamie Oliver single handedly brought down the Turkey Twizzler empire with his fancy pants healthy school dinners campaign.

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#3 Terry’s White Chocolate Orange

It's not Terry's, it's m Unfortunately, it's not anybody's anymore this tasty treat was discontinued due to demand. For us white chocolate fans, this was a real blow.

#4 Citrus Polos

An alternative to the mint polo, the Citrus Sharp were an acquired taste but we believe in the right to choice and with the mint flavour having a monopoly we feel these lemon-lime sweets need to make a comeback.

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#5 Frufoo

These UFO-shaped yoghurts weren't just delicious, they also had a toy inside each one. The option of fruit or yoghurt for dessert has never been the same since their discontinuation.

#6 Cadbury Dream Chocolate

It does feel like every chocolatier has an issue with white, velvety chocolate bars. First it was Terry's, then Cadbury's came along and decided to strop the Dream bar after just one year of production.

#7 Toffos

Actually, on second thoughts, perhaps there was a reason Toffo stop producing these sickly, strange tasting toffee treats?

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#8 Campino

These where the must-have sweets in the summer of 2000. Creamy, fruity and extremely moorish, Campino disappeared as quick as they arrived.

#9 Doritos 3Ds

Girthy, extra flavour and additional crunch, these 3D snacks trumped the standard Dorito on every level why did they stop making them?

#10 Cadbury Snowflake

Another chocolate bar that has been discontinued for being white! Crumbly flaked white chocolate smothered in smooth milk chocolate you really couldn't go wrong.

#11 Cartoonies

If you were in school in the late 90's / early 00's you must recognise these bad boys. Little round biscuits with a chocolate inside they were the best thing ever.

#12 Curry Twiglets

Nope you don't need glasses. This fuzzy image is the only evidence left of the legend that is Curry Twiglets. Available in the early noughties these crunchy snacklets were a must for any party.

#13 Original Sunny Delight

The original Sunny D contained less than 10% juice the rest was just sugary goodness. After a spate of people turning orange from drinking it, the brand re-launched with a 70% juice version without any artificial ingredients. Naturally, everyone revolted and the company changed back to just 15% fruit content.

#14 Prawn Cocktail Wotsits

These Wotsits still turned your fingers orange, but instead of a cheese, they were prawn cocktail flavour. Unfortunately, some top exec at Walkers decided they weren't good enough and stopped the production line.

#15 Ice Cream Chewits

Forget strawberry or even blackberry, it was all about the ice cream flavour. These rare beauties can still be found in some corner shops but are a scarce commodity. Get them while you can.