15 Disney Locations That Are Haunted (And The Creepy Stories Behind Them)

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 8th March 2017

Ah…Disney…owners of the happiest places on Earth. Even just thinking about what Disneyland or Disney World looks like conjures up crowds of happy, smiling children, and visually stunning costume characters. No other theme parks have as many visitors, nor does any park have a staff as highly trained to handle situations like Disney does.

In fact, Disney’s staff members are trained to be part of the attraction…and as a result are called “cast members” because of the act they are expected to put on. Because of the park’s squeaky clean image and insanely happy veneer, it’s just so easy to think that it’s a place where everything will result in a “happily ever after.” Needless to say, that training probably is pretty in-depth, since you’re bound to see some crazy things happening at Disney.

But, what about the people who don’t make it out of the parks alive? After all, statistics suggest that at least one or two people would have had to have died in the vicinity since the parks were opened back in the 1950s. Believe it or not, Disney does have a certain amount of lore dedicated to some of the more tragic things that have happened at their parks. (In fact, there are some records that guarantee that people have died there – even if Disney doesn’t like to admit it.)

Though the company typically denies any deaths happening at the park officially, there’s ample reason to believe that there have been quite a few people who have passed on at Disney throughout its history. Some of these folks definitely seem to have decided to stay at Disney, even after they have died. Here are some of the Disney locations that are supposedly haunted….and the tales of those who reportedly haunt them.


#1 The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion isn’t just haunted by animatronic dancers and holographic ghosts. The famously spooky ride has had a slew of paranormal happenings that have been reported by both cast members and park goers alike.

The first ghostly event actually happened during its creation, when builders noticed that there was mysterious music that echoed throughout the “séance room” while they were putting finishing touches on the ride. The only problem is that there were no speakers where the music could have been coming from, so in order to just keep fears at bay, one of the engineers decided to mask the issue by putting a speaker near the walls.

As for actual visual ghostly sightings, there are many. One of them, a man with a cane, is supposedly the ghost of a pilot who had a plane crash where the park’s ride was built before Disney purchased the land. His shadowy form is often seen by staff after closing hours.

Another one is reportedly the ghost of a little boy whose grieving mother decided to scatter his ashes around the park ride. (Side note: This is actually a fairly common but illegal practice that goes on at the Haunted Mansion.) Many visitors have claimed to see a crying boy sit next to them in an empty seat…only to see him disappear before the ride is over. Scarily, at least one park goer has gotten a photo of the boy while on the ride.

Legend has it that there have been a couple of people who have died on the ride, including an early visitor who literally died of fright as well as a reckless teenager who jumped off the ride and accidentally broke his neck. Could they be hanging around the Haunted Mansion, as its newest tenants?


#2 The Monorail

There was a point in time when people believed that monorails would be part of everyday modern transportation. It was deemed “the way of the future” in the 1950s, and that’s actually part of the reason why Disney wanted a monorail so badly in his theme park. So, in 1959, Disney’s now-loved monorail attraction was born. (Fun fact: Disney’s monorail was the first one to run in the Western Hemisphere.)

The design was supposed to be insanely safe, but, as one teenager by the name of Thomas Cleveland would find out, nothing is foolproof. The 19-year-old allegedly tried to sneak into Disneyland for an event called Grad Night in 1966. After jumping the fence, he clambered up on the monorail track, where he was promptly hit by the monorail and killed.

Witnesses in the park have seen a man’s shadow walking along the monorail’s line, only to vanish when the train comes by. He’s also been known to run along with the trains, only to vanish after a while.

#3 Space Mountain

Futuristic Space Mountain is supposedly haunted by two different ghosts – a red haired, burly man nicknamed Mr. One Way and a glowing green female ghost called “Disco Debbie.”

Mr. One Way got his name because visitors have claimed to see a man get on the ride with them, looking totally normal and alive. Then, at some point during the middle of the ride, he vanishes right in front of the person’s eyes. Cast members say that they know when someone’s seen Mr. One Way because the visitor looks pale and shaken when they get off the ride.

Disco Debbie, on the other hand, is a bit stranger. She’s supposedly a former cast member of the Disney staff who suddenly died of a brain aneurysm while on the clock. She’s been known to ride on the Space Mountain track, and to just be spotted wandering around the building behind the scenes. The biggest tip-off that you’ve seen Disco Debbie is her eerie, otherworldly green glow.

#4 The Dinosaur Ride

Sure, it may be pretty unnerving to see a totally normal-looking person vanish, or hear disembodied music emanating from a hallway, but that’s not as unnerving as the ghost that was allegedly seen on the Dinosaur Ride in the Animal Kingdom. No, this ghost is one that could easily find its way into horror movie scripts in an instant.

People who have rode on the Dinosaur Ride have seen an old, nondescript looking man sit next to them. No matter what the say or do, the man seems to pretend the person doesn’t exist. In fact, he doesn’t react to anything at all. He doesn’t laugh, scream, smile, or even seem to look around.

As part of the Dinosaur ride, cameras snap a photo of you in the ride. People have said that the man who was sitting next to them doesn’t appear on film. Or, if you really are unlucky, you might see that the camera did snap a photo of him. When he shows up on camera, everything will appear on film…except for the fact that he has no eyes.

No one knows who the eyeless man is.


#5 The Star Trader

This little shop is part of Tomorrowland’s Star Tours ride, and in many ways, it’s a really bland little store. However, there are a couple of issues that both cast members and visitors have noted over the years that suggest that the store has become home to at least one ghost.

The most well-known issue that the Star Trader has had is the way that it gives off a very creepy vibe. Cast members have claimed that the store, particularly the stock room, tends to have a very heavy atmosphere and that you often will feel watched by unseen eyes while in there. Moreover, cold spots are regularly reported.

These might be able to be explained away, but there’s one other issue that only cast members can know. The store’s cast members regularly sees the items that were stocked on shelves get rearranged overnight, when the store is locked up and no one could possibly be able to go inside the store.

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