15 Great Life Hacks Found In Old Magazines

Posted by Michael Avery in Facts and DIY On 16th February 2018

If you thought that life hacks were just tips that were created online you couldn't be more wrong. Life hacks have been around forever. Even your old magazines contained them. They just called them something different. Let's take a look at a few cool life hacks found in old magazines.


#1 You will start to notice a theme with these.

If you want some nice slippers and you don't have the extra cash laying around try out this simple hack using sanitary pads and a little imagination.


#2 Easy mints for your next party.

Instead of going out buying mints for your big party just go to the bathroom and grab a tube of toothpaste. You're welcome.


#3 This one will keep you warm.

If you don't want to go out and buy expensive hand warmers you can simply heat up a bag of tea. Trust me it works wonders. Just don't let it get too hot. You don't want to burn yourself.

#4 Tampons are super absorbent.

If you suffer from chronic nosebleeds or just randomly get one, a tampon is a great tool to use to help stop the bleeding. You know... because that's what they do.

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