15 Haunting Images And The Horror Stories Behind Them

Posted by Sama in Geeks and Gaming On 9th February 2017

Art has been around as long as man has, but the same can’t be said about the camera. This new development is only recent to the past couple of centuries, so we haven’t always been able to capture everything within seconds like we do today. But just as long as pictures have been taken, terrifying pictures have emerged. Sometimes It’s not necessarily the photograph itself that is scary, rather, what exactly the picture was able to take. There are terrifying objects out in the world that we may have gone our lives without seeing, but with the use of the internet and cameras, we’re able to see terrifying images with the blink of an eye!

Let us know what you think about the terrifying pictures and if the story behind it made it more spine-chilling! Here are 15 terrifying photographs and the horror stories behind them:a


#1. Two People Jumping From A Burning Building

The photograph above looks as though it was taken straight from a movie. Unfortunately, this is a very real photograph of two victims falling from a broken fire escape just as they were about to be rescued. They were in a burning building in Boston, and the firefighters had already arrived on scene. They were using a lift to reach up to the trapped victims, only to have the lift knocked into the fire escape, causing it to break and the victims to fall.

The woman who was falling first was a 19-year-old, her goddaughter right above her. Unfortunately, the woman suffered fatal injuries and later died in a hospital. The young girl luckily survived, the girl below her breaking her fall. The photograph is absolutely tragic and sparked landlords everywhere to ensure their fire escapes would not break if the situation were to happen again.


#2. The Walking Dead In Indonesia

The photograph above could almost pass as a scene out of The Walking Dead. The woman in the dress appears to be dead-looking, much like any zombie you’d see in a movie. That is because she is, indeed, very dead. Her family decided to dig up her grave and bring her among the living for the annual Day of the Dead festival in Indonesia. It is common practice there to bring back the bodies of deceased loved ones, dress them up, present them with gifts, and let them walk among the living once again.

Now, we are not trying to shame anyone’s mourning practices or cultural life, but to us, this practice can be rather terrifying. It’s creepy enough how Americans mourn by embalming and burying the dead, but going back to dig them up is definitely a horror movie plot to us. Although the celebration is meant to be a beautiful and traditional way to mourn, we think we’ll stick to our current traditions.


#3. A Tree Overtaken By Spiders

When you first look at the tree above, you definitely notice something’s off. It’s not bright green and leafy, rather, gray and overgrown with what looks like spider webs. Unfortunately, that is exactly why this particular tree is not very tree like at all. This photograph was taken in Pakistan in an area that saw the devastating effects of flooding. In an effort to flee the flood and avoid the water, the spiders have moved to the trees, where they take over the branches with their webbed home. It’s actually quite devastating to the area, as you can’t really grow produce if the spiders decide to take over.

Being around an area with an especially high number of spiders is also truly heart stopping. If most of us saw this tree, we’d run the other way and never look back.

#4. John Lennon’s Glasses

The photograph above isn’t the scariest picture you’ll see on the list, but it’s definitely frightening enough to make us wonder what the story behind them is. The glasses appear to be dirty, possibly having some sort of sticky substance on them. The reality of the photograph is that this particular pair is the pair that John Lennon was wearing when he was shot.

A photograph like this gives us a lot of insight into the actual crime scene. Seeing the image of the splattered glasses gives us a little idea of just what John saw after experiencing the gunfire. It makes us question where he was shot and why the blood had this particular pattern on the glasses. Yoko Ono actually released the photograph, clearly not washing the blood off for a reason. What do you think about when you see a photograph like this? Is it terrifying to you, or nothing more than a historic relic?


#5. A Wealthy Man Stealing From The Poor And Hungry

When looking at the photograph above, you can almost assume the horror story behind the photo. The young boy crawling on the ground is clearly very malnourished, probably begging for food from the well-dressed man walking away from him. The reality of the situation is actually much more horrifying. The photographer of this image is Tom Stoddart, a photojournalist. He stated that the man walking away in the photograph is actually a well-fed Sudan man who stole the food he’s carrying from the boy in 1998, when there was famine in the area.

A photograph like this can be infuriating for several reasons. Obviously, we want to just take the food from the man and give it to the child, but does the man have children at home that he needs to feed? What will the hungry boy do for food for the next day? Unfortunately, the solution to this photograph isn’t simply giving the food back, and that is the true horror.

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