15 Horrifying Photos That Reveal A Dark History

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 20th February 2017

People these days seem to underestimate the real value and artistry that photography can bring to the table, as it is practically “time-travel made simple”; within the span of seconds, anyone can capture and encapsulate any moment, whether significant or casual, anywhere and everywhere, essentially stopping time within the eye of the camera. It can transport us to important past events and moments in history that would otherwise be impossible to achieve without its aid.

Whether it’s for those who want to don rose-tinted glasses once again, or for others wanting to learn from our accomplishments as well as our mistakes, this landmark invention has done countless wonders for humanity. That is, until your mother shows your fiancee those baby pictures you thought you destroyed years ago. Then it suddenly becomes a lifelong quest to destroy the camera menace.

But even the most mundane photographs can introduce an entirely different set of emotions when the curtain reveals what happened behind the scenes. From photos taken moments before tragedy, to snapshots that give us more questions than answers, there are some splinters in time that very few would want to revisit when given the proper context of the situation. This is merely a handful of them.

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