15 Ignorant Comments People Have Made About Coronavirus So Far That Are Nearly Comical

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 20th March 2020

It is times like these when you realize how important common sense is. After reading these posts, you will thank God for being able to put your brain to good use.


#1 Why is no one talking about this?

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#2 This is new to the market


#3 Vote now peeps and show the world how much more stupid you can be


#4 I think this person is high on marijuana or something

#5 Can stupidity go any further than this

#6 Now we know why this virus has turned into a pandemic?

#7 Me facepalms silently

#8 If ignorance has a face


#9 The irony

#10 Scammers everywhere

#11 Oh this is why the scientists globally are still going crazy over finding the cure

#12 That's is like the best plot for a melodrama


#13 What even man?

#14 Seriously?

#15 Pathetic