15 Incredible Monster Encounters Too Scary To Be Ignored

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 13th March 2017

All across the world, people report incredible sightings of creatures, unknown animals, even monsters, as they describe them. These aren’t just people living on the fringe, these are respectable people: doctors, business owners, ranchers, police officers, family men. These are people that are not often discounted out of hand. The claims they make are hard to believe but it is evident, and they stress strongly, that they saw something they had never seen before. Some researchers claim it isn’t that far-fetched to believe that there still might be some creatures living in remote areas that haven’t been scientifically classified. Skeptics will concede that new species are being discovered all the time but highlight that chances are slim of there being any large undiscovered animals still out there. But there is still a chance and people are reporting these sightings all the time.

So what are they seeing? Are they just simply misidentifications? The realm of research that covers this type of query is called cryptozoology: the study of evidence to substantiate the existence of undiscovered creatures. Many mainstream scientists consider it to be a pseudo-science, a fringe study, and refuse to make any serious inquiry into looking at evidence. However, in the past century, many mythical animals have been revealed as being real: the mountain gorilla, the giant squid, the megamouth shark, and the saola (kind of like a Vietnamese mix between a horse and a goat). Heck, in tracking down the mythical chupacabra, people have even found that weird-looking gray-pimpled dog-like thing! No, there are some things out there that have definitely yet to be discovered. These are 15 of the most incredible encounters reported involving as-of-yet unclassified creatures. Who knows, maybe you’ll see one someday.


#1 Batsquatch

Throughout the mid-1970s, in the Texas Rio Grande Valley, near the Mexican-American border, there were rashes of reports about some kind of large flying reptile. One of the first sightings occurred in the early hours of December 26, 1975, in Raymondville, Texas. A rancher named Joe Suárez found one of his goats in its corral, torn to pieces and partially eaten. The goat was lying in a pool of blood with the heart and lungs missing and part of its snout bitten off. The police came out and were unable to find any animal tracks leading to or from the goat corral and concluded that some kind of flying animal must’ve killed the goat.

Then, in the same town, on January 14, 1976, late in the evening, Armando Grimaldo was at his mother-in-law’s house, sitting in the backyard. Suddenly, he was attacked by some strange winged creature. As soon as he saw it swoop onto him, he took running for his life. Grimaldo claims it was enormous in size, huge with a wingspan estimated at being about three meters (10-12 feet). The skin was blackish-brown, leathery with no feathers, and the creature had large, piercing red eyes. As he ran, the creature kept trying to grasp him, shredding his clothes. Eventually, he dove under a bush and he remembers the animal, by then breathing heavy, turned and flew away into the night. Grimaldo was taken to the hospital and treated for shock and minor wounds. To the emergency responders, he kept mumbling over and over, “pájaro” (Spanish for bird).


#2 Reptoids

In the 1930s, a geological engineer named G. Warren Shufelt reported to the Los Angeles Times that there were remnants of vast ancient reptilian tunnels under the city of Los Angeles. Even though Native American lore also makes mention of these tunnels, most people didn’t give his report much credit.

Then, in 2008, in Anaheim, California, a Los Angeles suburb, this Reptoid myth came true for one unlucky couple. A woman was out walking her dog late one night and as she came near a sewer drain, she looked down. She claims she saw a greenish creature staring back up at here. Gripped with fear, she started to back away, as the creature slowly crawled out of the sewer towards here. Terrified, the woman ran from the creature and jumped into the bed of a nearby truck parked on the street. She called her boyfriend who was inside their nearby apartment. She reported that other creatures crawled out of the sewer and were teeming around the truck. Her boyfriend ran out, armed with a golf club, yelling, and the creatures were scared off, retreating back into the sewer drain. The boyfriend watched and was amazed; claiming the creatures were very large, reptilian, with big, sharp teeth. The couple never saw them again; however, they did hear screams and noises late one night outside her apartment building. When they investigated the following day they found the large, bloody remains of some poor animal splattered on the wall. It was then that they decided to move away from the location.


#3 Black Demon of Cortez

For years in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula there have been reports of a 60-foot shark called the “Black Demon”. It has long been reported in the Sea of Cortez by residents who are terrified by this enormous shark, similar to a Great White but larger in size and weight. This sea is between mainland Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula. It is home to an immense number of strange and unique sea creatures and has depths down to 12,000 feet; a perfect hiding spot for a giant shark.

The locals say “The Black Demon” is darker than the normal grayish Great White, twice its size with enormous eyes and a massive whipping tail, a signal to many fisherman of its approach. Unlike most sharks, this one reportedly has been known to attack boats. Sightings are rare and, as of yet, no physical evidence has been found to definitively prove its existence. Could the isolated Sea of Cortez be the hunting grounds of a long-lost mega-shark, a lingering remnant of the extinct Megalodon, the massive 18-wheeler-sized prehistoric shark that was believed to have died off around 10,000 years ago?

#4 U-85 Monster

The U-85 was a German submarine commanded by Captain Gunther Krech during World War I. In April 1918, a British ship came upon Captain Krech and his damaged U-boat sitting on the sea’s surface. Captain Krech immediately surrendered his damaged ship to the British. While being questioned, Captain Krech told an incredible tale. He reported that the previous night he surfaced the sub to recharge its batteries. Then, without warning, the sub was attacked, not by an enemy ship, but by some sort of strange creature. Krech claimed it had a small head, with teeth that glistened in the moonlight. The size of the creature was immense and it caused the boat to list to one side. His crew were able to drive the creature away with small arms fire, but not before the sub was damaged. He explained that was why they weren’t able to submerge and flee from the approaching British patrol. Depending on reports the sub was then either scuttled or sunk by the British.

After awhile, the story passed into nautical folklore. That is until October 2016, when it was revealed that the U-85 might have been found. Workers off the coast of Scotland were laying a new power cable under the North Sea when they came across the infamous submarine. Sonar images show the U-boat to be mostly intact. Plans are being made to investigate further and we may soon finally discover what actually happened to the U-85. Was it really attacked by some unknown sea creature? What will we learn when they finally investigate the wreckage?


#5 The Lizard Man

Beginning around 1988, there were about a dozen sightings in South Carolina about some sort of lizard man lurking in the swamps. A teen named Christopher Davis reported an unbelievable encounter that year in Lee County, South Carolina. He was on his way home late one night from work when his car suffered a flat tire. The road was near the Scape Ore Swamp. Davis quickly repaired the flat tire and was preparing to leave when he heard some noise coming from towards the swamp. He turned around and was gripped by two glaring red eyes staring at him. He then saw what he could only describe as a large lizard man coming straight for him. Davis quickly got into his car and began to speed off. The creature lunged for the car but Davis was able to get away.

He reported the encounter to his parents and the police, who investigated. They found large 35-centimeter (14-inch), three-toed footprints in the muddy Scape Ore Swamp. Davis unfortunately died in 2009, but always claimed he’d never forget his encounter with the creature. Numerous other sightings have been reported in the years since, along with cattle mutilations.

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