15 Incredible Monster Encounters Too Scary To Be Ignored

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 13th March 2017

All across the world, people report incredible sightings of creatures, unknown animals, even monsters, as they describe them. These aren’t just people living on the fringe, these are respectable people: doctors, business owners, ranchers, police officers, family men. These are people that are not often discounted out of hand. The claims they make are hard to believe but it is evident, and they stress strongly, that they saw something they had never seen before. Some researchers claim it isn’t that far-fetched to believe that there still might be some creatures living in remote areas that haven’t been scientifically classified. Skeptics will concede that new species are being discovered all the time but highlight that chances are slim of there being any large undiscovered animals still out there. But there is still a chance and people are reporting these sightings all the time.

So what are they seeing? Are they just simply misidentifications? The realm of research that covers this type of query is called cryptozoology: the study of evidence to substantiate the existence of undiscovered creatures. Many mainstream scientists consider it to be a pseudo-science, a fringe study, and refuse to make any serious inquiry into looking at evidence. However, in the past century, many mythical animals have been revealed as being real: the mountain gorilla, the giant squid, the megamouth shark, and the saola (kind of like a Vietnamese mix between a horse and a goat). Heck, in tracking down the mythical chupacabra, people have even found that weird-looking gray-pimpled dog-like thing! No, there are some things out there that have definitely yet to be discovered. These are 15 of the most incredible encounters reported involving as-of-yet unclassified creatures. Who knows, maybe you’ll see one someday.


#1 Batsquatch

Throughout the mid-1970s, in the Texas Rio Grande Valley, near the Mexican-American border, there were rashes of reports about some kind of large flying reptile. One of the first sightings occurred in the early hours of December 26, 1975, in Raymondville, Texas. A rancher named Joe Suárez found one of his goats in its corral, torn to pieces and partially eaten. The goat was lying in a pool of blood with the heart and lungs missing and part of its snout bitten off. The police came out and were unable to find any animal tracks leading to or from the goat corral and concluded that some kind of flying animal must’ve killed the goat.

Then, in the same town, on January 14, 1976, late in the evening, Armando Grimaldo was at his mother-in-law’s house, sitting in the backyard. Suddenly, he was attacked by some strange winged creature. As soon as he saw it swoop onto him, he took running for his life. Grimaldo claims it was enormous in size, huge with a wingspan estimated at being about three meters (10-12 feet). The skin was blackish-brown, leathery with no feathers, and the creature had large, piercing red eyes. As he ran, the creature kept trying to grasp him, shredding his clothes. Eventually, he dove under a bush and he remembers the animal, by then breathing heavy, turned and flew away into the night. Grimaldo was taken to the hospital and treated for shock and minor wounds. To the emergency responders, he kept mumbling over and over, “pájaro” (Spanish for bird).


#2 Reptoids

In the 1930s, a geological engineer named G. Warren Shufelt reported to the Los Angeles Times that there were remnants of vast ancient reptilian tunnels under the city of Los Angeles. Even though Native American lore also makes mention of these tunnels, most people didn’t give his report much credit.

Then, in 2008, in Anaheim, California, a Los Angeles suburb, this Reptoid myth came true for one unlucky couple. A woman was out walking her dog late one night and as she came near a sewer drain, she looked down. She claims she saw a greenish creature staring back up at here. Gripped with fear, she started to back away, as the creature slowly crawled out of the sewer towards here. Terrified, the woman ran from the creature and jumped into the bed of a nearby truck parked on the street. She called her boyfriend who was inside their nearby apartment. She reported that other creatures crawled out of the sewer and were teeming around the truck. Her boyfriend ran out, armed with a golf club, yelling, and the creatures were scared off, retreating back into the sewer drain. The boyfriend watched and was amazed; claiming the creatures were very large, reptilian, with big, sharp teeth. The couple never saw them again; however, they did hear screams and noises late one night outside her apartment building. When they investigated the following day they found the large, bloody remains of some poor animal splattered on the wall. It was then that they decided to move away from the location.


#3 Black Demon of Cortez

For years in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula there have been reports of a 60-foot shark called the “Black Demon”. It has long been reported in the Sea of Cortez by residents who are terrified by this enormous shark, similar to a Great White but larger in size and weight. This sea is between mainland Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula. It is home to an immense number of strange and unique sea creatures and has depths down to 12,000 feet; a perfect hiding spot for a giant shark.

The locals say “The Black Demon” is darker than the normal grayish Great White, twice its size with enormous eyes and a massive whipping tail, a signal to many fisherman of its approach. Unlike most sharks, this one reportedly has been known to attack boats. Sightings are rare and, as of yet, no physical evidence has been found to definitively prove its existence. Could the isolated Sea of Cortez be the hunting grounds of a long-lost mega-shark, a lingering remnant of the extinct Megalodon, the massive 18-wheeler-sized prehistoric shark that was believed to have died off around 10,000 years ago?


#4 U-85 Monster

The U-85 was a German submarine commanded by Captain Gunther Krech during World War I. In April 1918, a British ship came upon Captain Krech and his damaged U-boat sitting on the sea’s surface. Captain Krech immediately surrendered his damaged ship to the British. While being questioned, Captain Krech told an incredible tale. He reported that the previous night he surfaced the sub to recharge its batteries. Then, without warning, the sub was attacked, not by an enemy ship, but by some sort of strange creature. Krech claimed it had a small head, with teeth that glistened in the moonlight. The size of the creature was immense and it caused the boat to list to one side. His crew were able to drive the creature away with small arms fire, but not before the sub was damaged. He explained that was why they weren’t able to submerge and flee from the approaching British patrol. Depending on reports the sub was then either scuttled or sunk by the British.

After awhile, the story passed into nautical folklore. That is until October 2016, when it was revealed that the U-85 might have been found. Workers off the coast of Scotland were laying a new power cable under the North Sea when they came across the infamous submarine. Sonar images show the U-boat to be mostly intact. Plans are being made to investigate further and we may soon finally discover what actually happened to the U-85. Was it really attacked by some unknown sea creature? What will we learn when they finally investigate the wreckage?


#5 The Lizard Man

Beginning around 1988, there were about a dozen sightings in South Carolina about some sort of lizard man lurking in the swamps. A teen named Christopher Davis reported an unbelievable encounter that year in Lee County, South Carolina. He was on his way home late one night from work when his car suffered a flat tire. The road was near the Scape Ore Swamp. Davis quickly repaired the flat tire and was preparing to leave when he heard some noise coming from towards the swamp. He turned around and was gripped by two glaring red eyes staring at him. He then saw what he could only describe as a large lizard man coming straight for him. Davis quickly got into his car and began to speed off. The creature lunged for the car but Davis was able to get away.

He reported the encounter to his parents and the police, who investigated. They found large 35-centimeter (14-inch), three-toed footprints in the muddy Scape Ore Swamp. Davis unfortunately died in 2009, but always claimed he’d never forget his encounter with the creature. Numerous other sightings have been reported in the years since, along with cattle mutilations.


#6 The Daedalus Sighting

On August 6, 1848, in the late afternoon, the frigate H.M.S. Daedalus came upon something so extraordinary that it has come to be known simply at the Daedalus sighting. Captain P. M’Quhae published an official report that stated he and member of his crew witnessed an immense creature, a sea serpent, measuring about 18 meters (60 feet), gliding through the water near the ship. The sighting occurred in the South Atlantic, about 482 km (300 miles) off the coast of present-day Namibia. The weather was dark and cloudy, with a wind gusting from the northwest. At first, a midshipman sighted the creature and called it the officer’s attention. Its flat head and dorsal was always about a meter above the surface of the water.

The creature’s skin was dark brown, with yellowish white around the throat. It had no fins, but appeared to have a mane, or possibly an accumulation of seaweed, on its back. It passed by the ship rapidly but very close as it could be seen easily by the crew. At first, the believed it was some sort of immense sea snake as it appeared as if the diameter of its body was only about 38 cm (15 inches) but that was what could only be seen at or above the water line. The sighting lasted for about twenty minutes, visible with the naked eye for five minutes, and with a spyglass for about fifteen more. The creature did not deviate from its course, keeping its head raised above the water, like a large snake. Captain M’Quhae was an experienced seaman, as were his other officers and crew, and he was adamant that this was no misidentification of a known animal; it was definitely something extraordinary


#7 Lake Baikal Encounter

Lake Baikal, located in Siberia near the Mongolian border, is surrounded by steep mountains and dense forests. It is about 30,000,000 years old and is the largest freshwater body, and the most ancient, in the world. With depths up to 1,500 meters (5000 feet), this massive lake is reported to hold 20% of the Earth’s unfrozen fresh water, and is home to more indigenous species that any other lake on the planet, many found nowhere else. According to famous researcher and retired Soviet Naval officer, Vladimir Azhazha, after many reports of strange creatures and UFO’s residing in the lake, the Soviet military ordered a team to investigate. According to Azhazha, declassified naval files released by the Russian government indicate that in 1982, seven military divers ventured into the depths of Lake Baikal and encountered something that they would never forget.

The divers reported seeing strange underwater crafts, far beyond any known Soviet design, as well as a group of creatures. They were very tall and humanoid-looking, at a depth of about 45 meters (150 feet), wearing what appeared to be some type of silver suits. They attempted to capture one of these beings that resulted in the deaths of three Soviet divers. The surviving divers quickly returned to the surface and reported their encounter. As a result, it is alleged that Major General V. Demyanko, Commander of the Soviet Military Diver Service, flew to the military base at Issik Kul and informed the command staff there of the dangers that awaiting any who tried to disturb whatever dwells in Lake Baikal.


#8 The Skunk Ape

The Skunk Ape is the name given to a creature said to inhabit the American southeast. Similar to the Bigfoot, sightings of this beast date back to the mid-1800s in Arkansas when mountain men in the Ozarks reported witnessing them. Old reports say the creature is gigantic in stature, hairy, with an enormous stride able to quickly flee when sighted. Footprints found measure an incredible 14 inches long.

Then, in 1974, the old myth was brought into the present when multiple sighting occurred in suburban Dade County in Florida. Witnesses described a large, ape-like creature walking on two legs. Its eyes glowed and it had a stench on it that induced nausea to anyone downwind. Plenty of photos have been presented over the years and most easily explained away as misidentifications or outright hoaxes.

Strangely enough, in 2000, an anonymous woman in Florida mailed two photographs to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department. The photographs were accompanied by a letter from the woman where she reported that there was an ape loose in the area. She wrote that on three different nights, this ape crept into her backyard and took apples that she had left on her back porch. One of those nights she photographed it before it hurried out of the area. The woman didn’t know anything about the so-called “Skunk Ape,” but was convinced it was a huge, escaped orangutan. The photo does resemble a huge orangutan, but experts are unsure just exact what the creature could be. Whatever it was, it definitely was in her backyard.


#9 Megalania

Megalania, otherwise known as Megalania prisca, is a huge, bloodthirsty monitor lizard that roamed the wilds of Australia as recent as 40,000 years ago. The name means, most appropriately, “ancient giant butcher.” Modern science says the creature went extinct but sightings of these massive nine meter lizards have been reported in large numbers both in the latter part of the 19th century and throughout the 20th century.

One such report was made in 1968, by an Australian military officer who was participating in an exercise in Queensland. As part of the mission, his unit was maneuvering inside a dangerous and dense swamp area. They came upon the savagely shredded body of a cow that appeared to have been dragged for some distance, before huge chunks of it were torn out. More disturbing, large lizard-like prints were found in the muddy ground; prints that were over half a meter in length. As incredible as that story is, at least he never directly saw the creature unlike a surveyor some years back. His story goes that as he had completed his assignment, he was returning to his truck. Exhausted from a long days work, he had nothing on his mind other than returning home. He noticed a fallen tree near his truck but gave it no further thought. As he climbed in and slammed the truck door, the “tree trunk” perked up and ran off! He claims what he thought was a fallen tree was actually a large lizard nearly five meters in length! As recently as the 1970s, large footprints were still being discovered.


#10 Thunderbirds

For over 200 years, sightings have been reported throughout the United States of enormous birds. Native American mythology refers to the creatures as Thunderbirds. The largest known flying reptiles that existed in North America were the Pteranodons, a genus of pterosaurs with wingspans of over 6 meters (20 ft). They were prevalent in present-day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

One of the most famous sightings occurred on July 25, 1977, when a group of three young boys in Lawndale, Illinois, claimed they were terrorized by some incredible giant birds. The boys maintain that two giant birds chased after them and even grabbed one of them, ten-year old Marlon Lowe. One of the creatures snatched Lowe’s shoulder with its claws and lifted him about half a meter off the ground. Lowe was carried for some distance before the bird released him. The birds were said to have reptile-like features. Thunderbird sightings continue to reported and intrigue to this very day.


#11 The Flatwoods Monster

It was the evening of September 12, 1952, in Flatwoods, a sleepy town of about 300 in Braxton County, West Virginia. A little before dark, some schoolboys witnessed a fireball streak through the sky and come down just over a nearby hilltop. After grabbing a few more friends and one parent, Kathleen May, the group made their way to investigate. When they arrived they found a large pulsating red orb within a pungent foggy mist that made their eyes and noses burn. The scanned the surrounding area with a flashlight and revealed an unidentified creature close to a nearby tree. It let out a piercing hissing sound before gliding up towards them. The fear-stricken group immediately fled the area. A search conducted the following day found marks on the ground and an oil-like substance covering everything near where the sighting occurred. The foul smell persisted and made the investigators eyes water.

Dubbed the “Flatwoods Monster,” witnesses described it as being a little over 2 meters (7 ft), with a dark body and a glowing face. Its head is horizontally elongated with a large, circular cowl appearing behind it, almost in a shape of the “ace of spades.” Some of the children reported it had some sort of exoskeleton and long arms with claw-like fingers, the others say they were too scared to notice any arms. Due to noxious fumes, the children were treated my medical personnel but made a quick recovery. Reports of a similarly-described creature were made soon after in nearby communities. No adequate explanation has ever been given.

#12 The Mothman

From November 15, 1966, to December 15, 1967, over 100 sightings were made in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, of an eerie, possibly supernatural, creature referred to as “The Mothman.” Journalist John Keel spent the year investigating the phenomenon and interviewed numerous witnesses. One such story involved a car with two young couples inside driving around midnight. They saw a strange creature near the area’s old power plant. They reported it appeared like a large man with wings, much too large to be a bat. It was flying fast and crossed over their vehicle. Subsequent sightings included two firemen who encountered what they described as a “large bird with red eyes.”

The sightings peaked just 24 hours before the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967, killing 46 people. Sightings ceased in the area afterwards. Some say the Mothman appeared as some sort of warning that there was an impending doom. No one has ever adequately been able to explain what was scaring the residents of Point Pleasant that year.


#13 The Fouke Monster

Have you ever seen the old horror film, Legend of Boggy Creek? If not, here’s the story. The film is based on a foul-smelling, bad-tempered hominid lurking near the Texas-Arkansas-Oklahoma border. One such encounter with this creature occurred in 1971, in Fouke, Arkansas. Bobby Ford and his wife Elizabeth share a new home in Fouke. Bobby and his brother had gone hunting, leaving Elizabeth alone. She fell asleep and is awakened by a moving window curtain. She went to check and a hairy arm reached in for her. She screamed and jumped back, catching a glimpse of creature’s piercing red eyes. The animal retreats back into the darkness.

When Bobby returns and finds his terrified wife, he and his brother immediately reloads their guns and go in search of the creature. They soon see it, a shaggy-haired beast, with sharp claws, standing over 2 meters (7 feet) tall. They shoot at the beast and it runs off. Believing their home to be same, Bobby’s brother leaves his brother to head back alone. As Bobby makes his way, the beast surprises him and throws him to the ground. Breaking away, Bobby escapes to his home and immediately calls the police. They find huge pieces of the home’s woodwork ripped away by large claws, as well as large tracks. Sightings continue in nearby areas, and large track are found even to this day. People in Fouke are sure that something horrifying lurks in the swamps of Arkansas.

#14 The Fire In The Sky

You might have heard about the book, or seen the movie, but both are based on the terrifying accounts of Travis Walton, an American logger who claims he was abducted by aliens on November 5, 1975. Walton was working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. After work that evening, Walton was riding in a truck with six of his co-workers. They saw a strange object hovering in the sky about 33 meters (110 feet) away. Walton claims he left the truck and approached the object, when a beam of light from the object struck him to the ground. The other men saw this and sped away frightened, believing Walton had been killed. Walton claimed he later awoke in a hospital-like room, with three short, bald creatures standing over him. They soon left and a regular-looking person came wearing some sort of helmet and led Walton to another room, where a clear mask was placed over his face and he passed out. He says he remembered nothing else until he found himself walking along the highway days later.

While Walton was missing, his co-workers reported the incident to local authorities, who believed this was either an elaborate hoax or the men had killed Walton and were trying to cover it up. When the men were asked to submit to polygraphs, they all agreed. All passed except for one whose responses were inconclusive. Walton’s disappearance resulted in sensational news reports, debates, and much skepticism. Law enforcement groups combed the forests believing they would either find Walton’s body or him held up somewhere in hiding. They never did. Walton reappeared after a five-day search and was also subjected to a polygraph exam, which he passed. To this day he maintains his account of what occurred. The Walton case remains one of the best-documented alien abduction cases of all time.

#15 Patterson-Gimlin Encounter

On October 20, 1967, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin recorded what just might be the most famous video evidence for the existence of Sasquatch. Both men lived near Yakima, Washington. Patterson was an active believer in the reports of Bigfoot, or as the Natives called it: Sasquatch. He recruited his friend, and experienced outdoorsman, Gimlin, to join him on an expedition to search for evidence. Equipped with a 16mm hand-held Kodak video camera, the two men set out on horseback to explore the wilderness areas of northern California. They had concentrated their efforts near Bluff Creek, in the Six Rivers National Forest, which is just south of the California/Oregon border. Large footprints had been found in the area in years past. In fact, it was from some of those footprints that a press release coined the term, “Bigfoot.”

In the early afternoon of October 20, the pair spotted what they believe was a female Bigfoot walking along the creek gravel sandbar. Patterson’s horse reared in panic, throwing him to the ground. He quickly recovered and grabbed his video camera. He ran towards the creature, recording the whole time. Gimlin, in the meantime, steadied himself and took aim with his rifle in case the creature was to turn and charge Patterson. The men had previously agreed that their goal was not to kill a Sasquatch unless in self-defense. They estimate the creature was a little over 2 meters tall and weighed about 317 kg (700 lbs). They watched the creature as it entered the forest and found that it had left footprints that measured almost 36 cm (14.5 inches) long and 15 cm (6 inches) wide. Fearing a confrontation, the men chose not to pursue the creature into the forest. The film has been debated for decades but both men had always maintained the authenticity of the film, which has never been disproven.