15 Of The Worst High Heel Designs, Ever.

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 31st December 2017

The world of high fashion is truly amazing. The people who are involved are very imaginative. However, not all art is good art. High heel shoes can be considered a work of art when done properly, and a good pair can really make an outfit. Unfortunately, whoever made these shoes really missed the mark. These are all complete and total disasters.


BMW High Heels

We are not sure what makes these shoes worse. Is it the front end of what looks like a post-2006 3-series front end at the toe or the terrifying five to six-inch heel in the back?


Chains Heels

We assume that these shoes are meant to make some sort of statement. Are the chains meant to represent what holds us back in life? Either way, you would not catch me dead wearing these.

Too Much Going On at Once

These shoes start off looking pretty stylish in an 80s tacky kind of way. But, what is that platform made out of? Hay? Then, the beads on the "hay" seem to be bedazzled in a haphazard kind of way.

Fur & Claws

A lot of us have had at least one pair of fuzzy paw slippers in our life, but how do you feel about your heels having paws? They might be a good shoe if you are part of a dog show, but for anything else, we would have to pass.


Would You Wear These?

This particular pair of shoes is not necessarily bad. They are actually kind of cute if you could get over the fact that the beads look like tiny batteries.

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