15 People Who Totally Missed The Point And Realized Things A Bit Too Late

Posted by Sama in Funny On 4th June 2020

It can be really funny and completely awkward at times when someone in the room cannot see the blinding obvious. It's funny because they can't see the obvious and it's awkward because well they can't see the plain obvious. These 15 people missed the elephant in the room and we are confused about whether to laugh over it or not? Go through the gallery and judge the situation on your own.


#1. "Their idiots."

At least now you know where you should not apply.

Reddit | drsgtpepper
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#2. "Dad made this really nice landscaping in his front yard! And then he stood back and realized what he had done..."

I see a rocket. What about you guys?

Reddit | sxr326

#3. "That awkward moment when you realize you are dating your deceased grandpa."

Awkward indeed.

Reddit | yigit3

#4. "My phone's battery case finally arrived in the mail! I'm really gonna miss being a mom..."

This one escalated quickly.

Reddit | EnderMom2425

#5. "Younger brother just got married. I'm now the only unmarried sibling. I think the photographer was able to capture my awkward pain."

When they mean it literally that pictures speak the pain louder than words.

Reddit | Caratticuss

#6. "My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard."

Oh boy, this is one hell of a misunderstanding.

Reddit | bluesberry

#7. The Literal Elephant in The Room

Wonder what is so tasty in the pot?

Reddit | TheMirsinho

#8. "Reddit meet my buddys awkward dog Buttercup. All he does is stare no matter how much you call him."

This dog looks both cute and awkward.

Reddit | sporecat

#9. "Mark Zuckerberg looks like an awkward fan posing with their favorite band."

We feel for Zuckerberg here.

Reddit | kleverusername

#10. "Impressive photoshop skills + idiot cashier = free beer."

Wow, these are some really nice (read dumb) marketing skills.

Reddit | sejisoylam

#11. "That cake server had better be sharp..."

Who in their right mind would do this atrocity to a cheesecake???

Reddit | ShinigamiDady

#12. "My phone auto connect to my car when i picked up mother and father in law...didn't notice till they pointed it out..."

Well, they could have also ignored it too you know.

Reddit | titoxtian

#13. "Apparently I'm also an idiot when getting drunk munchies with my roommates..."

"So, you want one cheesy garlic bread and one pepperoni pizza?"

"NO! I said, I want a half cheesy garlic bread and half pepperoni pizza, and then a half cheesy garlic bread and half pepperoni pizza!"

Reddit | shoreguy28

#14. "I always hate it when a piece is missing."

This is going to be one hell of a call to IKEA to understand this.

Reddit | molly_struve

#15. "My submission for the 'most widely ignored warning label ever' contest."

Because some people need the obvious in written form too.

Reddit | nixonneckweasel