15 Photos That Couldn’t Have Been Timed Better

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 10th October 2015

#1 When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go!

#2 Hose In The Face? CHECK. People Just Standing Around? CHECK.

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#4 Break Dancing On Water? Even Michael Jackson Wouldn't Attempt That Move.

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#5 You've Got A Face Only A Mother Could Love.

#6 It Really Must Be Just Instinct.

#8 She Should Have Used A Paper Bag Instead. This Must Be Jake, From State Farm. Because She Looks Hideous.

#9 My Butt Is So Sore, I Swear It Feels Like I Have Splinters.

#10 It's All Smoke and Mirrors My Friend.

#11 Still Up To Your Old Tricks, 'Eh Scooby??

#12 Sarah Jessica Parker Found A New Date!

#13 The Aliens Have Arrived... And They Have Antennas!

#14 I Thought She Was Prettier As A Caterpillar.

#15 Puss and Boots really Hit It Off... The Tails Gave It Away!