15 Places You'd Expect To Find A Person Wasted After A Night Of Drinking

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 2nd October 2015

#1 Seems like she wanted to make a phone call to someone from a phone-booth

But she was too drunk to realize she was at home.

#2 Yup. Everyone wants a blanket after getting drunk

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#4 This person manipulated gravity in his drunk state. Very clever.

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#5 This guy clearly went berserk the previous night...

And decided to bask in his achievements the next morning.

#6 Someone forgot to NOT fall asleep after puking her guts out.

#8 She was confronted with a tough choice: Snack or Sleep

She's so talented, she did both. Good job.

#9 This Is What Happens When You Drink on Prom Night

#10 He got tired of watching TV so he tried a different perspective.

Good on him!

#11 This has to be the most uncomfortable place to get wasted. But then again...

#12 Well, look who prepared herself to start drinking early the next morning!

Good for her!

#13 Her mother would be so proud of her...

#14 She loves pizza so much that she decided to sleep with her face inside the box.

#15 He's gonna wake up a major sunburn and headache.

At least he looks good riding that sand bike. LOL