15 Rare Pictures Of Stephanie McMahon You Need To See

Posted by Sama in Sports On 26th January 2017

Aside from what we see on-screen, Stephanie lives one hell of a life outside of it. Not only is she a mother of three, but she’s also one of the most powerful faces in the company serving as the Chief Branding Officer. With that title, Stephanie is required to promote the WWE on a large scale. What that means is meetings, meetings and more meetings with investors interested in helping to promote the company globally. As one can imagine, she lives the busy life.

In this article, we’ll dive into her life by taking a look at some of the rarer photos from her life. Whether it be photos of her as a child, working as Chief Branding Officer or just chilling with her kids, these pictures are a rare look into the life of Stephanie McMahon. With that said, let us begin and take a look at 15 rare pictures of Stephanie McMahon that you need to see. Enjoy!


#1. Baby Steph

Aren’t we all suckers for a rare family photo? Well, this one certainly fits the bill and sees a rare throwback of the McMahon family before fame caught all four of the family members. Stephanie, was born in September of 1976. For those of you that love factual info, McMahon attended Greenwich County Day School and joined the WWE as early as 13 appearing in catalogues for the company as a model.

Her family encouraged an education and that’s exactly what Steph got gradating out of the University of Boston with a degree in Communications. She would start working for the WWE as a receptionist in 98’ and by 99’, and thanks to Vince Russo, she was thrust into WWE storylines. Her role would continue to increase with the company and today, she’s regarded as one of the most powerful faces in the world of sports and entertainment. You truly believe once Vince calls it a day, Steph will most probably be the perfect replacement for the position.


#2. Giving Her Bro Some Love

This is another rare photo showing a young Stephanie and Shane embracing in a nice family moment. Although the headlines would love us to believe that the two really despise each other in real life, that couldn’t be further from the truth and you’d be pretty silly to believe otherwise. Yes, the two have different views on the business but at the end of the day, they’re brother and sister who truly love each other. Shane stated his love for Stephanie on his podcast interview with Mick Foley, ending the speculation.

Bret Hart added to the controversy claiming there truly is tension between the two sides, although some believe that tension is more so between Shane and Hunter than anyone else. It remains to be seen what the future holds for both McMahons who share different views on the business. Shane’s all about the edgy content while Stephanie wants to keep things clean while publicizing the WWE on a global market. As for which view is correct, it seems like Stephanie’s at the moment given the direction the company seems to be headed in.


#3. A Rare Group Photo With Chyna

Unless you were living under a rock, you know the history between Chyna and Stephanie McMahon. Pictures of the two together in the same setting are quite rare, so let’s take a moment and really soak in this image that was posted by former WWE Diva Debra, via her Twitter account.

The photo features a young looking Stephanie McMahon with Triple H towering over her. Oddly, Chyna wasn’t standing next her former man and was featured front and center in the photo all by her lonesome. Was that a foreshadowing type of pic? Possibly.

Others in the picture include Shane’s wife, who is standing next to her future sister-in-law Stephanie, along with the Big Show’s hand on the far right which looks to be the size of Shane’s entire body. Props to the late Chyna for her epic Lick My Boots t-shirt. What it probably should have said was Eat My Fist (referring to Hunter and Stephanie, either or).


#4. The Early Days With Mick Foley

Stephanie posted this gem of a photo on her Instagram account. Rightfully so, the rare picture gathered close to 30K likes on her social media account. The picture sees a young Stephanie McMahon alongside the hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley. At the time of the picture taken in 2000, Mick had reinvented himself becoming the Commissioner of the WWE replacing Shawn Michaels. Much to everyone’s surprise, Foley took the role to new heights and is still regarded as one of the very best WWE Commissioners of all-time.

As for Stephanie, she was still that shy little girl at that point just starting to get exposed in front of a live television audience. Stephanie references herself in the picture as the “girl with the shy smile”. Without a doubt, she’s come a long way since the days of this picture. Both are reunited today serving as the GM and Commissioner of Raw.


#5. Behind The Scenes With Her Man

Love them or hate them, Steph and Triple H are the WWE’s power couple. The two began together on-screen with the McMahon-Helmsley Era becoming a pair of the most hated heels during the hottest time period for the WWE. You can make the argument, that no male or female has been a better heel than Stephanie, especially when it comes to the microphone. Without a doubt, she’s a natural.

Still today, the couple are on top of the wrestling mountain. This time, the couple is enjoying success away from the ring as Stephanie is the Chief Branding Officer of the company, while Hunter continues to do a fabulous job down in NXT paving the way for the future of the business. This picture, taken last year, shows Hunter lacing up the boots for a surprise appearance in the Rumble match. Stephanie is by her man’s side during the calm before the storm, watching her hubby in amazement with his glorious physique and fantastic tan lines.


#6. Blonde & Candid

Limousine riding and all, Stephanie is shown in this rare picture alongside a fan dawning a smoking hot head of blonde hair. Steph has gone through some notable physical changes throughout her career. Let’s just say, her chest area didn’t magically get bigger because of her training with Joe DeFranco. Catch our drift?

With all her recent changes, Stephanie now keeps things classier than ever at the age of 39 and being so high up in the company at the moment. Those days of Steph wearing skimpy outfits in the Attitude Era are certainly done with. Who can forget those outfits she wore while running SmackDown, man was that ever something to behold! Thankfully, we have an array of photos to remember those days.

Although she keeps it PG today with outfits of choice, there’s still no denying how smoking hot she is especially when you factor in that she recently had three children. We applaud your efforts, Steph. Clap, clap and clap.


#7. Pregnant Days

Following her cameo as the GM of SmackDown, Stephanie sporadically appeared on WWE television. This was due to the fact that she gave birth during the time period causing random cameos here and there. She finally returned for good in 2013 reprising her role as the hated villainous heel that loved to be in power. Stephanie’s role with The Authority was basically a replica of the Corporation.

During her time away from the WWE, she got married and started a family alongside her husband Triple H. In July of 2006, Stephanie gave birth to the couple’s first child, Aurora Rose. Two years later in July of 2008, the second child popped out as the family welcomed Murphy Claire. The couple’s final child was born in August of 2010 as Vaughn Evelyn Levesque was brought into the world. The family maintains a strong relationship and the two are said to be loving parents to their three daughters.


#8. Steph With The Women’s Title

Ever wonder why the WWE doesn’t remind us that Stephanie won the Women’s Championship at one point in time? Well, it’s most probably because the company realized how ridiculous it truly was to put a non-performer as the Champion during the era. While Triple H held the WWE Title, the company decided to make the couple hold all the power when Stephanie defeated Jacqueline, becoming the Women’s Champion. Steph would finally drop the strap to Lita on Raw in August ending her lengthy run which actually lasted a couple of months.

Thinking of replicating something of the sorts is truly impossible today given all the talent. Stephanie, who is all about women’s wrestling likely doesn’t want you to remember about this time period but we here at That Viral Feed decided to dig up this rare picture and show you guys. Judging by the pic, even Stephanie looks shocked that she’s the Champ.


#9. Stephanie, Paul and CM Punk Behind The Scenes

Backstage pictures are a rarity in the WWE, but this leaked photo shows a smiling Stephanie behind the scenes as Paul Heyman chuckles, while CM Punk seems uninterested and looking elsewhere. The picture is truly the calm before the storm as the wrestlers settle in before the show.

Heyman and Stephanie have a long history together as the two worked as the creative for SmackDown at one point. Some argue that Paul was one of the very best WWE writers as SmackDown soared during his time as the head of creative for the brand. Despite his success, Paul had a rocky relationship with both Stephanie and her father Vince, when it came to creative ideas. Things got so bad at one point, that Paul chose to walk out of the company following an ECW brand PPV. Nowadays, Heyman is no longer employed as a creative head and works only part-time as a talent managing the services of The Beast, Brock Lesnar.


#10. With Will Smith

With the goal of marketing the WWE on a grand scheme as the Chief Branding Officer, Stephanie attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The event is a huge gathering of the top advertising professionals in the world. It is also meant to enhance one’s ability in the field of creative communications. Few know that better than entertainment icon Will Smith, who has dominated all facets of the entertainment industry. Along with his success, Smith has become a motivation to millions for his way of life and dedication to living with joy and happiness everyday along with following his visions.

Surprisingly, Steph looks a little starstruck in the photo alongside big Willie. McMahon posted the picture on her Instagram page claiming she was inspired by his words and his thoughts on work, life and balance. Stephanie is trying to master that nowadays pursuing a heavy WWE schedule, kids at home and other personal interests.


#11. With Her Daughters

Pictures of the Levesque-McMahon daughters have been few and far between over the years as the family prefers to keep their family life private away from the ring. However, in recent years, Stephanie has been posting more and more pictures of the family although their heads are purposely turned around for the sake of their privacy. This picture was posted on Instagram and shows Stephanie with her three daughters. She posted how grateful she is to be spending time with them as she enjoys a nice day with the family out on the water.

We tend to forget, but it’s truly remarkable to acknowledge the life that Stephanie lives outside of her Raw cameos. Not only is she on-air talent travelling with the company, but she’s also the Chief Branding Officer outside of the ring, along with her biggest and most important title, being a loving mother. Props to Stephanie for balancing out her life perfectly. Kudos Steph, kudos.

#12. With Nikki & John

Stephanie got some nice bonding time at the same Cannes Lions event with WWE megastar John Cena, who was accompanied to the ring, er, we mean event, by his lovely partner Nikki Bella.

Both John and Stephanie attended the event together speaking on behalf of the WWE. Not too shocking that Stephanie and the WWE decided to bring Cena to the event; the guy makes close to $10 million a year for a reason and it’s not just because of his butt kicking abilities in the ring. Cena is an outstanding talker and perhaps one of the best in company’s history. When it comes to getting a message across, the company loves to choose Cena and rightfully so, as the guy is an absolute pro when it comes to talking to people.

Without a doubt, these two are going to share an ongoing relationship for a very long time as Cena continues to be the poster boy for Stephanie’s visions. Even when he leaves for Hollywood, John will always be part of the WWE family.


#13. A Little Cleavage

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, sex sold in the WWE and it led to some of the more revealing outfits of the time period. Stephanie was another WWE star that didn’t shy away from showing us the goods, or as Jerry Lawler refers to them, the puppies.

Throughout the years however, Steph has toned her choice of clothing down as not only is she a proud mother of three, but she also maintains a huge position with the WWE holding a huge amount of power. And well, with the company being PG, it only makes sense that one of the most powerful figures dresses that way as well.

With that said, we do have a rare picture of Stephanie letting out the goods and showing some cleavage. Without a doubt, at the age of 40, Stephanie can still rock the hell out of a dress and this is yet another example of that.

#14. Getting Loose With Bray and Renee

Wrestling fans have trouble blurring the lines with what’s real and what isn’t. Although Stephanie plays the role of a mean spirited, power hungry heel, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the way she actually is behind the scenes.

Backstage, Stephanie is one of the most beloved faces and is said to be one of the most caring of the WWE Superstars. Even former WWE star Val Venis, recalls Stephanie always trying to do her best to help the talent when it came to creative ideas. It didn’t matter who you were, Stephanie was always there and willing to offer a helping hand. Today, that hasn’t changed and she continues to be extremely well received backstage.

This picture shows a rare side into who Stephanie truly is backstage as she poses for a picture with Renee Young and Bray Wyatt, who is another wrestler who despite his serious demeanor on-screen, is quite the character backstage. Remember folks, they’re real people just like us, so don’t be fooled by what you see on television.

#15. Daddy’s Girl

Gathering over 40K likes, this rare picture posted on Instagram shows the strong bond between a daughter and her father, despite the hectic lives they both live. At the age of 71, McMahon hasn’t stopped and remains hands-on with the company. At this point, it just seems like Vince will be around forever.

Steph takes a moment in the picture to acknowledge her gratitude for her father. Steph claims that despite his insane schedule, he always makes time to be there for his daughter. Steph concludes her statement by calling Vince her hero.

Obviously, the two remain very close to this day and one would assume that once Vince steps down, that Stephanie will be there to lead the company into the new era. For now, the father and daughter continue to enjoy their time with one another, even though their schedules are probably going to get extremely hectic especially with WrestleMania season looming. Doesn’t hurt that they live down the road from each other.