15 Real-Life Creepy Photos That Might Never Be Explained

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 5th March 2017

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? If you’re a fan of all things frightening and disturbing, you’ve come to the right place, but if you get scared easily, you might want to unplug your computer right now. We’re about to completely terrify you with a few pictures of some of the eeriest images we’ve ever seen.

These unbelievable sights were captured by everyday people, and they’re the things that nightmares are made of. They’ll definitely send chills down your spine, and the fact that many of these photos can’t even be explained makes them that much more disturbing.

Many of these pictures look pretty ordinary at first glance, but it’s the blurry images that appear to be ghosts and other apparitions in the background that really freak us out. A lot of the pictures were taken way before Adobe Photoshop was readily available, so the chances of them being fake are slim – although it’s not entirely impossible. With the right skills, even people from back in the day could have used a little bit of trickery to create a scary photo and attach it to an even scarier backstory. We can’t confirm that these photos are 100% real, but what we can say is that they are weird, creepy, and definitely not for the faint of heart. Get prepared to see some of the most shocking images that will leave you with more questions than answers. Here are 15 real-life creepy photos that might never be explained.


#1 The Amityville Ghost

On November 13, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his parents and four siblings at their Dutch Colonia house located at 108 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. DeFeo was sentenced to six concurrent life sentences, and the family’s death sparked The Amityville Horror book and multiple movies. The house is now considered one of the most famous haunted houses in United States history.

On December 19, 1975, George and Kathy Lutz, along with their three children, moved into the home. After just 28 days, they packed up and moved out, claiming they had been terrorized by paranormal activity. According to George, he would wake up at 3:15 every morning, which was the estimated time of the DeFeo family’s murder, and he also claimed to have heard a “marching band tuning up” or the sound of a clock radio playing on a different frequency. When he would search to see where the noise was coming from, the noise would cease.

This particular photo was allegedly taken in 1976. It appears to be a young boy with white eyes who’s peering out of a doorway. George revealed the photo on the Merv Griffin Show back in 1979 and claimed it had been taken by Gene Campbell, a professional photographer who was a part of a paranormal investigation of the residence. Many believe the boy in the image is one of the murdered children name John DeFeo.


#2 The Lady and Her Dead Husband

Denise Russell and her family took her 94-year-old grandmother away from her nursing home for the day to go on a picnic on August 17, 1998. They snapped this photo of the old lady, and after the film was developed, they didn’t pay too much attention to it for a few years.

It wasn’t until April 2000 when the old lady passed away and Denise’s family began looking through old photographs. They came across this particular picture and noticed the man standing behind her. That’s when Denise realized the man in the background looked a lot like her grandmother’s deceased husband who had passed away in August 1984.

But it gets even creepier. If you look closely, you’ll see there’s another face in the picture right above the red car in the bushes. Can you spot it?


#3 The Cooper Family’s Ghost

Many people believe this photo is a hoax, and we don’t blame them. The backstory has never been fully verified, but that doesn’t change the fact that this picture is a level 10 on the creepy scale.

The Cooper family moved to Texas and settled into their new home. They celebrated their new digs by throwing a little shindig, and the Dad was behind the camera to capture this moment. When the film was developed, they noticed the horrifying figure that appears to be falling head first from the ceiling. The family had no idea what or who it could be, and the Dad swore the image wasn’t there when he actually took the photo.

Sources claim the figure is actually the spirit of the deceased former owner of the home. Could it be true? We’re not sure, but you have to admit this picture is definitely terrifying. Can you imagine the pure horror the family felt once they viewed the developed pictures and saw that weird image?! Talk about a major freakout!


#4 The Cadborosaurus

This photo dates all the way back to 1907, and more than 100 years later, it still can’t be properly explained. The picture features a group of men who headed out into the sea to do some fishing. When they came back onto land, they claimed to have caught a massive sea monster called a Cadborosaurus, also known as a Caddy. A Caddy is a creature from mystical folklore that inhibits the Pacific Ocean. The name derived from the Cadboro Bay in Greater Victoria, British Columbia and the word “saurus” which means lizard or reptile. Basically, the Caddy is the equivalent of today’s Loch Ness Monster

Many people were quick to call this photo a hoax, but even scientists haven’t been able to determine if this photo is real or not. What’s your guess?


#5 Demon Caught on Surveillance

A nurse on duty noticed a dark and shadowy figure in the hospital, and she witnessed the figure, which she called a “demon,” walking up and down a patient’s body. Hours later, the patient died.

When the surveillance footage was played back, the hospital confirmed there was indeed an unknown and spooky figure inside the hospital. The image above shows the dark demon standing on top of the patient who’s lying in bed.

Although many people are quick to call this photo a fake, seeing demons and other spirits inside hospitals isn’t uncommon. Many nurses, doctors, and patients have claimed to have seen figures roaming and lurking inside hospital hallways – which isn’t surprising considering hospitals are where many people go to die. Is it so shocking that a demon would make an appearance to potentially take the soul of a patient?


#6 Waverly Hills

Waverly Hills Santorium was opened in July, 1910 as a hospital to treat those in Jefferson County, Kentucky who were suffering from tuberculosis. Without the same antibiotics that we have today, patients were instructed to sit outside on the porches to get some sunshine and fresh air to help battle the illness.

It has been suspected that only 5% of patients at Waverly Hills survived, and as many as 8000 people died. Their bodies were allegedly thrown down a trash chute and removed from the building through a secret underground tunnel. The secrecy surrounding the removal of the bodies was so the public wouldn’t know the severity of the tuberculosis outbreak, as well as the number of victims who had succumbed to the disease.

Having to encounter numerous dead bodies each day would surely take a toll on the hospital’s staff, and that’s reportedly what happened to nurse Mary Lee. Many people say she contracted the disease. Others say she was unmarried and pregnant by one of the doctors. Either way, her body was found hanging from a light apparatus in Room 502. The picture above captures what appears to be Mary’s ghosts as she continues to roam the halls of Waverly Hills.


#7 Solway Firth Spaceman

Jim Templeton, his wife, and their daughter decided to have a picnic Burgh Marsh – an area overlooking the Solway Firth in Cumbria, England. Jim took many photos of his family that day and later dropped the film off to be developed.

Once he picked up his photos, he was completely shocked by what he saw. Standing behind his daughter is an unknown figure, but Jim didn’t notice anyone standing in the shot when he initially took the photograph. He later asked Kodak for answers, but even they couldn’t explain how the mystery person ended up in the picture.

This photo has been posted in numerous newspapers since 1964, and since then, no one can explain who or what is in the background. Jim is convinced it’s a dead spaceman, and we think he may be right.


#8 Backseat Driver

Don’t you just hate backseat drivers? They always have something to say, and they can really distract you when you’re trying to follow the rules of the road. But this picture contains something other than your ordinary backseat driver.

In 1959, Mabel Chinnery, the wife of the man that’s driving the vehicle, was visiting her mother’s grave when she decided to take a picture of her husband as he sat in the car alone. When she looked at the developed picture, she noticed the creepy and mysterious person sitting in the backseat of their car. When Mabel looked more closely at the photo, she noticed the person in the back of the car was actually her dead mother!

To this day, no one has been able to prove this photo is a hoax. In fact, experts have seen many images of spirits in photographs, and they simply state the dead loved one is there to provide comfort. I guess Mabel’s mom didn’t want to miss out on taking a picture with her son-in-law one last time.


#9 A Ghost On The Set Of 3 Men and a Baby

It isn’t too often that a ghost is captured in the background of a feature film, but that’s exactly what happened on the set of the 1987 comedy 3 Men and a Baby. In this scene featuring the film’s star, Ted Danson, you can see a creepy little kid peeking out from the curtains in the background. He wasn’t a part of the script, and conspiracy theorists believe that the cameras actually picked up the image of a real-life ghost!

The filmmakers claim the ghost is actually a cutout of Danson’s character wearing a tuxedo and a top hat that was accidentally left on set. But when Danson was later pictured standing next to the cutout, it looked nothing like the creepy little boy that was standing behind the curtain. Since no one can come up with a logical explanation as to what is standing in the background, we’re going to go with conspiracy theorists on this one and chalk it up to a spooky ghost who wanted their time to shine on the big screen.


#10 The Brown Lady

One of the most iconic ghosts to be captured on camera is The Raynham Hall Ghost, also known as The Brown Lady.

The Brown Lady is actually a woman named Lady Dorothy Walpole who married Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount in 1713. Charles had suspected Dorothy had been cheating on him with Lord Wharton. Although Dorothy’s death was listed as 1726, many believe her funeral was just a hoax, and Charles had actually locked her up in a remote corner of Raynham Hall until she died.

In 1849, a man named Major Loftus, a friend of Dorothy’s, captured this photo one night. He immediately recognized the image of the woman as Lady Dorothy, so he snapped a photo. He says that when he looked into her face, he could see two black sockets where her eyes should have been. Um, creepyyyy!


#11 Strange Happenings At The Myrtle Plantation

St. Francisville, Louisiana is a historical town that was established in the early 1800s. The Myrtle Plantation was the home of a slave named Chloe, who was owned by Mark and Sara Woodruff. Rumor has it that Chloe was eavesdropping on their conversation one day, and as punishment, her ears were cut off. To hide her disfigurement, she wore a green turban at all times.

To get revenge on her slave master Mark, she baked a birthday cake containing poisonous oleander leaves, but her plan backfired. Sara and her two daughters ate the cake instead, and they all fell sick and died. The other slaves on the plantation were so upset with Chloe, they reportedly hanged her and threw her in the Mississippi River. According to urban legends, Chloe and 12 other ghosts still haunt the Myrtle Plantation to this day, and the home is considered one of America’s most haunted homes. Can you spot her in this picture?

#12 Sit Still, Cowboy

The Boothill Graveyard is a very small and quaint cemetery also known as the “Old City Cemetery.” It contains just 250 plots and is located in the town of Tombstone, Arizona. How fitting, right?

In 1996, Ike Clanton decided to dress up like a cowboy and get his picture taken inside the graveyard. When the film was developed, he noticed a strange person, also dressed as a cowboy, hanging out in the background. Clanton insists no one was sitting there at the time the photo was taken, so he headed back out to Boothill Graveyard to try and recreate the scene. He found that it was almost impossible to take a photo and not show the person in the background’s legs. He says he’s not sure if the graveyard is truly haunted, but this picture definitely makes me a believer, how about you?


#13 He’s Not Supposed To Be There!

OMG, major freakout time! Look very closely at the back row of the people in this picture. Focus on the fourth man to the left, and you’ll notice what appears to be a face. It’s a man named Freddy Jackson, a World War I squadron pilot. So what’s so creepy about Freddy being in this picture? Well, he wasn’t supposed to be there, because he was already dead at the time this picture was taken!

In 1919, Freddy died in a tragic accident at a training facility in England when he accidentally came in contact with an aircraft propeller. On the day of his funeral, his squadron posed for this photo.

Historians say it was common for images of dead family members to be superimposed into photographs back in the day, and the image of Freddy could’ve been placed in the picture as a form of remembrance. But if his squadron was even freaked out and surprised when they saw his face, we’re going to run with the idea that Freddy’s ghost is actually posing for the photo.

#14 The Wedding Ghost

Wedding photographer Neil Sandbach was ready to capture a couple’s special day at a local barn in Hertfordshire, England. He set up his camera equipment and began taking photos of the scenery. After the wedding, he had his film developed and he noticed something shocking in the background.

In this photo, you can see a boy dressed in old school white bedclothes floating in the background and staring right at the camera. Neil says he asked the staff at the barn if they had noticed any strange or bizarre occurrences, and they mentioned that sometimes they would see the image of a young boy roaming around the farm. He was always dressed in white bedclothes, and he appeared to glow. He would stare at them blankly before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

#15 The White Lady

In 1975, Diane Berthelot, her husband Peter, and their 12-year-old son visited Worstead Church in the English county of Norfolk. Diane sat in one of the pews and began praying in silence while Peter snapped a photo of her. When they returned home, they had their film developed, and they were absolutely shocked and creeped out!

In the picture, you can see a white shadow sitting directly behind Diane. The figure is wearing old-fashioned clothing and a bonnet. The Berthelots were so perplexed by the figure, they returned to the church the following summer to ask the staff about it. They came in contact with Reverend Pettit who told them the legend of The White Lady who is known to be a “healer.” She makes an appearance at the church anytime someone needs healing. Diane then remembered that during the time of her visit, she was ill and was on strong antibiotics. She realized The White Lady had appeared to help her recover from her sickness.