15 Real-Life Creepy Photos That Might Never Be Explained

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 5th March 2017

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? If you’re a fan of all things frightening and disturbing, you’ve come to the right place, but if you get scared easily, you might want to unplug your computer right now. We’re about to completely terrify you with a few pictures of some of the eeriest images we’ve ever seen.

These unbelievable sights were captured by everyday people, and they’re the things that nightmares are made of. They’ll definitely send chills down your spine, and the fact that many of these photos can’t even be explained makes them that much more disturbing.

Many of these pictures look pretty ordinary at first glance, but it’s the blurry images that appear to be ghosts and other apparitions in the background that really freak us out. A lot of the pictures were taken way before Adobe Photoshop was readily available, so the chances of them being fake are slim – although it’s not entirely impossible. With the right skills, even people from back in the day could have used a little bit of trickery to create a scary photo and attach it to an even scarier backstory. We can’t confirm that these photos are 100% real, but what we can say is that they are weird, creepy, and definitely not for the faint of heart. Get prepared to see some of the most shocking images that will leave you with more questions than answers. Here are 15 real-life creepy photos that might never be explained.


#1 The Amityville Ghost

On November 13, 1974, 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his parents and four siblings at their Dutch Colonia house located at 108 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York. DeFeo was sentenced to six concurrent life sentences, and the family’s death sparked The Amityville Horror book and multiple movies. The house is now considered one of the most famous haunted houses in United States history.

On December 19, 1975, George and Kathy Lutz, along with their three children, moved into the home. After just 28 days, they packed up and moved out, claiming they had been terrorized by paranormal activity. According to George, he would wake up at 3:15 every morning, which was the estimated time of the DeFeo family’s murder, and he also claimed to have heard a “marching band tuning up” or the sound of a clock radio playing on a different frequency. When he would search to see where the noise was coming from, the noise would cease.

This particular photo was allegedly taken in 1976. It appears to be a young boy with white eyes who’s peering out of a doorway. George revealed the photo on the Merv Griffin Show back in 1979 and claimed it had been taken by Gene Campbell, a professional photographer who was a part of a paranormal investigation of the residence. Many believe the boy in the image is one of the murdered children name John DeFeo.


#2 The Lady and Her Dead Husband

Denise Russell and her family took her 94-year-old grandmother away from her nursing home for the day to go on a picnic on August 17, 1998. They snapped this photo of the old lady, and after the film was developed, they didn’t pay too much attention to it for a few years.

It wasn’t until April 2000 when the old lady passed away and Denise’s family began looking through old photographs. They came across this particular picture and noticed the man standing behind her. That’s when Denise realized the man in the background looked a lot like her grandmother’s deceased husband who had passed away in August 1984.

But it gets even creepier. If you look closely, you’ll see there’s another face in the picture right above the red car in the bushes. Can you spot it?


#3 The Cooper Family’s Ghost

Many people believe this photo is a hoax, and we don’t blame them. The backstory has never been fully verified, but that doesn’t change the fact that this picture is a level 10 on the creepy scale.

The Cooper family moved to Texas and settled into their new home. They celebrated their new digs by throwing a little shindig, and the Dad was behind the camera to capture this moment. When the film was developed, they noticed the horrifying figure that appears to be falling head first from the ceiling. The family had no idea what or who it could be, and the Dad swore the image wasn’t there when he actually took the photo.

Sources claim the figure is actually the spirit of the deceased former owner of the home. Could it be true? We’re not sure, but you have to admit this picture is definitely terrifying. Can you imagine the pure horror the family felt once they viewed the developed pictures and saw that weird image?! Talk about a major freakout!

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