15 Selfies That Could Have Ended In Death But Instead Got Ultimate Internet Love

By Johny in Bizarre On 12th September 2015

#1 Yeah sure. Clean your teeth on my face, camel. And while you do, I’ll just grab a quick snap.

#2 When the windstorm is doing this to your face and you just HAVE to get the selfie, you cray.

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#4 Selfie stick vs. chopper blade

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#5 Let’s hope these sharks don’t go Kanye and turn rabid on this crazy pap

#6 Instructor: do not waive attention for one moment, death will likely ensue. Pupil: yeah, but selfie.

#7 This guy never drops his, ah, phones.

#8 You are playing with fire, homes.

#9 She’s made her peace with the world. So now she can take selfies like this.

#10 When the selfie stick becomes a toothpick.

#11 Another couple of scaredy cats.


#13 This looks like it’s going to be a fun one handed landing.

#14 Going the extra, deadly mile for a good cleavage shot.

#15 When this dude is deep in the pocket, he takes the phone out of his pocket.