15 Terrifying Visions Of Hell By Survivors Of Near-Death Experiences

Posted by Sama in Geeks and Gaming On 18th February 2017

There are all types of beliefs that range from person to person. Some of us go to church on Sundays while others may not practice any type of religion at all. Others believe in the bing bang theory and think what we see before us is the outcome of the largest explosion the universe has ever seen. The evolution of tiny star dust particles evolving into everything that we see today. There’s no shortage of things to believe in that’s for certain.

Are there people out there that know more about all of our pending trips to the other side than we do? Are there people who can shed some insight on what it’s like to die? You know, people who have cheated death after looking it square in the eye. Yes, there are, and they’re called survivors. Which survivor you ask will largely determine what sort of answer you’re going to get.

Many of these people who have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences) have seen heaven and felt its inviting glory. Others, in terrifying stories, claim they’ve been to hell and back. What they’ve seen, and felt was not unconditional love. Far from it. What they experienced wasn’t eternal acceptance and seeing old family and friends they’d lost years prior. What they saw on their trip to hell changed their second chance at life forever.


#1. Out Of Body Experience

Many people who have had near-death experiences tell a story about when they were passing on they had an out of body experience, of sorts.

They tell of how they could feel, and see their very own spirit leave their body and begin to be pulled towards something. Some people tell stories of floating outside of their bodies looking at themselves laying there. While others who have had an NDE speak of peering around the room at doctors, nurses, friends and family members all standing around their bedside holding their hands and crying as their spirit leaves this world to cross over into the afterlife. No matter how you look at it, an out of body experience gives me the shivers. Spooky stuff that’s for sure!


#2. Unable To Hang On To Anything

Some near-death experience survivors who have seen hell give us a description of their spirits moving along but with the inability to hang onto or hold anything. They move through people who are still amongst the living as if they aren’t even there. Many of the NDE survivors who have seen hell say that they moved right through walls and doorways as if on their way to someplace.

No matter how hard they tried to stay behind they couldn’t because they were powerless. There was an overwhelming force present pulling them away, and no matter how badly they wanted to stay alive, the choice was no longer theirs. They were being dragged to their death (or to hell, rather) whether they liked it or not.


#3. Forced To Sleep

Feeling like you’re trapped inside of your dream unable to wake back up is a horrifically terrifying dream to have. For those of you who have had that nightmare, you can relate. It sucks, and anyone who’s had one of those nightmares remembers waking up out of breath, gasping for air.

The helplessness of not being able to wake up is powerful. So imagine that sort of feeling coming over you when you’re dying! A few survivors who have had a near-death experience and were sent to hell have said that they remember feeling extremely sleepy. They claim it was as if they were being forced to close their eyes losing the ability to remain conscious.


#4. Falling Down A Spiral Vortex

While dreaming, falling downwards or off the top of your roof is a hair-raising experience. Neither is much fun and usually ends with a person getting their bell rung, and the wind knocked out of them or a paper bag to hyperventilate in waking up from a night terror. Falling down is one thing, but falling down helplessly in a free fall is frightening, to say the least.

That’s what some near-death experience survivors who have seen hell claim happened to them on their journey there and back. They claim that they remember being inside of a spiral vortex filled with darkness falling to their inevitable demise. Now that’s some scary sh*t right there if you ask me.


#5. The Gates Of Hell And Extreme Heat

Naturally, most everyone has heard a rendition of dying and then passing on. Getting to Heaven to be with angels, family, and friends, even God himself can be found on the minds of many. Standing at the gates and being accepted by the Lord into the holiest of places is how many of us dream of ending our life here on earth when all is said and done.

Now flip that script and imagine for a second finding yourself at the gates of hell. Imagine standing there feeling your skin begin to burn from the extreme heat as the doors swing open inviting you and your soul in. The very thought of experiencing something so terrifying isn’t going to help many of us sleep any better tonight.


#6. Skulls As Far As The Eye Can See

Hearing stories about endless amounts of corpses, skeletons, and skulls from near-death experience survivors who have seen hell are rather common. Walking the path into the deep dark pits of hell would be a traumatic experience for any person. Having that walk with your path littered with the remains of other dead people everywhere is something I doubt any individual could ever forget. I imagine that’s why many NDE survivors drastically change their life once they return.

Many decide to take the remedial, day to day tasks less seriously and stop judging themselves and others so harshly. That sounds like something that would be easy to do after walking with, on top of, and alongside other corpses, skeletons, and skulls of the dead.


#7. Unable To Speak And Uncontrollable Fear

Talking, yelling, and screaming are all ways in which we communicate vocally. The ability to communicate with those around us has been something we’ve been learning how to do since we were in diapers. Thinking of what we want to say and how we want it to sound is very important in our everyday life. It’s how we show people we care, or that we’re scared. It’s how we say I love you and it’s also how we ask for forgiveness.

You’ll find in the stories from people who have passed on and then returned that some of them were unable to speak. Some of them claim they were consumed with an uncontrollable fear. When I read about this fact, it reminded me of the word “thunder clapped” but in a much more horrible place.


#8. Others Who’ve Died With No Faces

Telling the story of how you died and have passed through the gates of hell would be a scary story to tell around any campfire. We’re guessing that you wouldn’t be too popular in the group after you decided to tell them about the horrifying things you saw during your near-death experience to hell and back.

Especially, if what you did remember seeing was other people that had a significant part of their body missing. Being in hell and seeing other damned souls wandering around without faces could be the icing on top of the cake for many of us out here. I know the very thought spooks the hell out of me. Imagine how the survivors of these NDE experiences feel.


#9. A Putrid Toxic Smell

Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses we as humans possess. Our sense of smell triggers more memories in people than any other sense we have. Crazy little tidbit of information don’t you think? After returning from their near-death experience those that have seen hell describe a putrid, toxic smelling hell where corpses lay rotting all over the landscape like dead fish along the shoreline of a lake.

Most of us are sensitive to smell and could never forget being in a place like that. The smell of rotting flesh and the haunting moans of the other banished souls around you is enough to have most of us asking whatever god it is you believe in tonight for forgiveness.


#10. Intense Rage And Anger

We’ve all been so pissed off that a neighbor, friend, or family member has said, “You were so upset the other day you looked like you were going to explode into a ball of flames.” Well, hell happens to have plenty of intense heat which means it has plenty of burning, fiery flames for its residents.

People who have died and been to hell and back tell of how they experienced an intense sort of anger unlike they had ever felt before taking a hold of them. Rage consumed their bodies, their souls, as they dealt with their current surroundings by doing the only thing they knew how to do, get mad as hell. The idea of sitting beside the devil, pissed off for eternity makes even the unholiest of souls squirm.


#11. Screams Coming From Everywhere

Can you imagine being surrounded by the torturous screams of hell’s occupants all around you at all times? A couple of near-death experience survivors tell horrendous stories about what they heard when they died and were residing beyond hell’s doors.

What some of them say they heard shakes the very human spirit to its core and can only be described as nothing other than the continuous screams of the souls who had been banished to hell forever. A few survivors claim they were always alone in hell, though, they do tell a story about being able to hear the screams of others constantly. It felt to them that the screams of others were present in the air, everywhere, and at all times.

#12. Begging And Pleading To Return Home

What a fantastic painting by Hans Memling, don’t you think? This particular photo you’re looking at today is called “The Last Judgement” and is one part of a three-part panel that was created by the artist around the year 1467. That’s one heck of a long time ago, isn’t it? We thought this was a great representation of what the people who have passed on to hell and back saw, felt, and then later reveal about their death.

Many of hell’s NDE survivors speak of begging and pleading for their life and to return home. All of their pleading goes unnoticed by the demons of hell as you can see by this photograph of them being shovelled down into the fiery pit regardless of their cries.


#13. Other Damned Souls Of The Dead

My mother used to tell me “If you want to roll with the pigs, you’re going to get muddy.” Shocking how parents can be right about things like that from time to time isn’t it? Some survivors who have had near-death experiences to hell and back tell a story of seeing other people chained and linked together, slaving away for the devil himself and being beaten by his demons. This is one of the places where each individual story varies.

Some survivors tell a tale of solitary confinement while others give depictions of hell in this manner. A hell filled with souls slaving away and working their fingers to the bone for Lucifer himself. Either way, it all sounds like a life sentence, or afterlife, sentence to me.

#14. A Bright Light – It’s Not Your Time

Number 1 on the list today is probably the most common story from those people who have had near-death experiences. Most all of them tell a tale that at some point they saw a “bright light.” Some also tell of hearing a voice bellow from up above them saying “it’s not your time yet, you have yet to accomplish your true destiny.”

It sounds awe-inspiring, doesn’t it? Let’s hope that those words are coming from the big guy upstairs and for God’s sake, let’s hope that none of us ever have to be in that circumstance. Maybe it’s a better plan to live life right and be thankful for what we have. That’s when we’ll get to see what resides up in heaven, right? Well actually, that’s a near-death experience listicle for another day.

#15. Demons And Torture

Monsters, ghosts, and demons are a scary topic of conversation for those of you out there that are a bit light in your loafers. Even for those a bit braver, the topic isn’t unfamiliar.

We’ve all had a nightmare or two in our life, I would think. Having those dreams filled with the most horrifying creatures you’ll ever see has left many people sleepless for a night somewhere along the line. That’s what makes the story of actually being alongside of these terrible entities all the more unsettling. Survivors of hellish NDEs report being dragged, beaten, and tortured by Satin’s most viscous monsters. We felt like that was enough to land this recollection at number 2 on the list today!