15 Terrifying Visions Of Hell By Survivors Of Near-Death Experiences

Posted by Sama in Geeks and Gaming On 18th February 2017

#5. The Gates Of Hell And Extreme Heat

Naturally, most everyone has heard a rendition of dying and then passing on. Getting to Heaven to be with angels, family, and friends, even God himself can be found on the minds of many. Standing at the gates and being accepted by the Lord into the holiest of places is how many of us dream of ending our life here on earth when all is said and done.

Now flip that script and imagine for a second finding yourself at the gates of hell. Imagine standing there feeling your skin begin to burn from the extreme heat as the doors swing open inviting you and your soul in. The very thought of experiencing something so terrifying isn’t going to help many of us sleep any better tonight.


#6. Skulls As Far As The Eye Can See

Hearing stories about endless amounts of corpses, skeletons, and skulls from near-death experience survivors who have seen hell are rather common. Walking the path into the deep dark pits of hell would be a traumatic experience for any person. Having that walk with your path littered with the remains of other dead people everywhere is something I doubt any individual could ever forget. I imagine that’s why many NDE survivors drastically change their life once they return.

Many decide to take the remedial, day to day tasks less seriously and stop judging themselves and others so harshly. That sounds like something that would be easy to do after walking with, on top of, and alongside other corpses, skeletons, and skulls of the dead.


#7. Unable To Speak And Uncontrollable Fear

Talking, yelling, and screaming are all ways in which we communicate vocally. The ability to communicate with those around us has been something we’ve been learning how to do since we were in diapers. Thinking of what we want to say and how we want it to sound is very important in our everyday life. It’s how we show people we care, or that we’re scared. It’s how we say I love you and it’s also how we ask for forgiveness.

You’ll find in the stories from people who have passed on and then returned that some of them were unable to speak. Some of them claim they were consumed with an uncontrollable fear. When I read about this fact, it reminded me of the word “thunder clapped” but in a much more horrible place.

#8. Others Who’ve Died With No Faces

Telling the story of how you died and have passed through the gates of hell would be a scary story to tell around any campfire. We’re guessing that you wouldn’t be too popular in the group after you decided to tell them about the horrifying things you saw during your near-death experience to hell and back.

Especially, if what you did remember seeing was other people that had a significant part of their body missing. Being in hell and seeing other damned souls wandering around without faces could be the icing on top of the cake for many of us out here. I know the very thought spooks the hell out of me. Imagine how the survivors of these NDE experiences feel.

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