15 Times People Stumbled Upon Funny Crazy Things That Were Equally Disturbing

Posted by Sama in Bizarre On 6th June 2020

Sometimes in life, we stumble upon things that often make no sense. These things when most of the time leaves us baffled other time can prove to be really disturbing too. These pictures prove how Internet can be at times a strange place. Look at the gallery and trust us these pictures look as confusing to us as they look at you.


#1. It's hard to tell what the inspiration here was, but this art piece in the Dominican Republic is an ambitious crossover than Infinity War.

Did anyone here notice this guy resembles Homer a lot?

Reddit | ejh3k
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#2. Look closely. You will notice something.

The uploader said, "Went on a hike yesterday and stumbled upon a sniper convention."

We can never look at grass mounds the same way anymore.


#3. I'm curious as to why somebody went down into this dark crevice in the first place, but I imagine they have some questions of their own.

This is something that will leave even Nicholas Cage scratching his head.


#4. Even in perilous situations like this, the toys have to pretend they're not alive when someone like the uploader comes along.

This is the most entertaining post I have seen in a long time.

#5. I'm the furthest thing from a golfer there is, but I know a rage quit when I see one.

How can someone trash thousands of dollars worth of sports equipment? Some people...ugh..

#6. I've got to say, the level of ingenuity that went into making this bridge is pretty impressive.

Apart from the fact that this bridge looks uncomfortably wobbly but the effort put here is worth applauding.

Reddit | the-d-man

#7. While on a walk, the uploader watched a very strange scene unfold.

I am still struggling to understand what is happening here.

Reddit | moramarc

#8. If I had to pick which image on this list I expected to get an explanation for, I probably wouldn't have chose this one.

This one made me shudder for some unknown reason.


#9. Why would anyone discard only one pair of each shoe??

While it could be a little odd to find one pair of discarded skates, it's likely to make us shrug and figure some kid doesn't want to play hockey anymore.

Reddit | barbiebeauty05

#10. This mini-putt course probably looked pretty cute and whimsical once, but time and neglect have made it really creepy.

Time has been hard on this course.

Reddit | SunnyTheGinger

#11. Someone just tied this gym locker together with paper towels.

We laugh or cry over this stupidity?

Reddit | BlackAut1

#12. When someone turned a corner, they were greeted by a whole lot more than they bargained for.

This mural makes us question a lot of things.

Reddit | LounginInParadise

#13. This has to be one of the most specific parking spots I've ever seen.

The person who put the sign here apparently knew what happens here so yeah..

Reddit | anonymoushaze

#14. Although most of the people on this list happened to wander into their weird scenes, the uploader of this one was supposed to be there.

Disturbing..very very disturbing.

Reddit | WeHaveAllBeenThere

#15. Some of the things these folks have stumbled across have mysteries that we may never solve, but this one couldn't be clearer.

Alright, folks, this is something many of you might be able to relate especially given the lockdown situation and all.

Reddit | Angus-Mackenzie