15 Weird Things People Discovered In Their Attics That’ll Freak You Out

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 7th March 2017

Have you ever stepped foot in your attic before? Seen all the cobwebs? Seen a spider or two? Or maybe your attic is clean because you converted it into a bedroom, a loft, a home office even. Or perhaps you just use your attic for what it’s traditionally used for. You know, for storing junk or family heirlooms. Steer clear of any home movies you find in there. (Sinister, anyone?)

If you move into a new house and check out the attic or decide to clean out the attic of your parents’ or grandparents’ house, you may come across something that may earn an eyebrow raise. A concerned look even. Or maybe you want to leave the attic completely and burn the house down. Because there is something in there that creeps you out so much you want to forget it ever existed.

Maybe this never happened to you. But it’s happened to a lot of people who were nice enough to share their experiences of what they found on the Internet. Because the world needs to know, right? Whether they inadvertently dug into some family secrets they were better off not knowing, or they stumbled across something left behind from the previous homeowners that makes them question their sanity, these people discovered more than what they bargained for. So if you’re curious to find out for yourself what unique finds people uncovered, then check out this list of 15 weird things people discovered in their attics that will freak you out.


#1 Nothing Like Finding Out Grandma Used To Be A Bad Girl

Small fluffy crystals? Well, I guess that’s one way to describe it. Apparently, someone found this in their grandmother’s attic. Which opens up a lot of questions. Was Grandma snorting cocaine during her younger years? Or after she became a senior citizen? Cause using cocaine already puts the consumer at risk of contracting a host of negative side effects, so I’m not sure how it would take on the older generation. And that bottle clearly says “Warning—May be habit forming.” Hopefully, Grandma didn’t develop some kind of cocaine addiction. Someone else on the site said that their grandmother told them they snorted cocaine to keep the moths away. And someone else claims that they haven’t seen a moth since they started cocaine. So… whatever works for you, I guess.


#2 This Puppet Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Someone’s parents stumbled across this wonderful little find in the attic of their home. And the dad wanted to sell it. Not sure if that sale ever happened, but personally speaking from my opinion, I don’t think I would want to buy a puppet like that ever in my entire life. I mean, what is that supposed to be? A monkey? Some other kind of primate? And who designed his face like that? What’s with all the bright colors and white hair? This looks like something out of a horror movie. Like one of those creepy doll or puppet movies where the doll or puppet comes to life and kills everyone. Word of advice? If you see something like this in your home, please throw it out.


#3 I Can Understand Now Why So Many People Have A Phobia Of Clowns

Okay, so technically, this painting wasn’t discovered in the attic of someone’s home, it was discovered in the attic of someone’s workplace. But no one knows where it came from. Or who even made this in the first place. I can’t relate to the phobia so many people have of clowns, but looking at this picture I can kind of understand why so many people are afraid of clowns. He looks very… unique. What’s up with his thumb? Why’s it so enormous? And why is the top of it so red? Like I said before, I can’t relate to the fear people have of clowns, but the way this clown pictured here is staring out of the canvas is a little unsettling.


#4 Well Gee, That’s Not Creepy At All…

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “What in the world is up with that baby?” But there’s a little story behind this creepy vintage painting of this infant. It’s a little too long to say here and I’d hate to shorten it and leave out important details, so click the Reddit link to get the full story. Supposedly, this infant was ill and soon to die when this picture was taken. The story behind this photo and the stories behind similar photos are both morbid and sad, but it explains a lot as to how they came to be. The painting originated from the Victorian era, which was from 1837 to 1901, so it survived a long time. How it ended up where it did is anyone’s guess.


#5 This Comic Of The Pope

So maybe this comic featuring the Pope doesn’t look creepy, especially compared to some other entries on this list. But it’s definitely strange. Marvel Comics released this comic in 1982 which is about Pope John Paul II, following his life from childhood all the way to the assassination attempt on his life in May 1981. It was a huge success for Marvel, selling millions of copies around the world. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of the former Pope’s life, according to one Catholic. And the success of the comic lead to one comic writer creating an original comic about Mother Teresa titled Mother Teresa of Calcutta. If you’re interested in buying the Pope comic, it’s on Amazon for $19 (plus don’t forget the $3.99 for shipping).


#6 This May Be Stolen Property…

What’s creepier than your friend discovering a tombstone in their attic? Your name matching the name etched on said tombstone. Of course, this doesn’t mean the tombstone was designed for you since given names can run in the family. Perhaps it was for another relative who shares your name. There are a variety of theories on the Reddit site as to how this tombstone ended up in the friend’s attic. One person believes that the graveyard where the corpse was originally located may have been moved and when it was done so, the family would have the choice of having the remains removed or cremated. If cremated, then the family would be given the tombstone. Another person believes it’s stolen property. No one really knows.


#7 Is This Supposed To Be The Decomposed Remains Of A Vulture?

Seriously though: Is this supposed to be the mummified remains of a vulture or just a prop that looks like the mummified remains of a vulture? Because I really want to know. This—I’ll just go with vulture since I’m fairly certain it’s a vulture—was discovered on the desk in the attic of an abandoned abbey. You don’t exactly see stuff like this every day, which makes it even more of an interesting find. Redditors don’t believe the bird wasn’t already decomposed when it was laid down on the desk; otherwise, there would have been some kind of stain on the desk and/or on the surrounding floor. Or it could just be an elaborate and forgotten prop, according to one Redditor.


#8 Imagine Coming Across This In The Dark…

It’s 10:00 p.m. You go into your attic on a mission to move some stuff out for your upcoming move. And then bam! You see what looks to be the Grim Reaper. But it’s not actually the Grim Reaper; it’s just some kind of Grim Reaper prop. Still enough to freak a lot of people out if you weren’t expecting to see that in your attic. Even more when you see it at night. But the Reaper has been standing around in the OP’s attic for a while and it never fails to scare him every time he goes up into the attic because he always forgets it’s there. Maybe he should move it before it gives him a heart attack. Hopefully, he didn’t take the prop with him when he moved.


#9 That Doll Has Definitely Seen Better Days…

She’s a real beauty, isn’t she? That extensive trip to the attic collecting dust for two decades didn’t do her any favors. This particular doll came from the Baby Tender Love line which originated during the 1970s. Though looking at its appearance, it seems it didn’t exactly receive a whole lot of tender love during its lifetime. Especially considering that one Redditor said they have 30-year-old dolls in their attic that don’t look half as bad as this one. In fact, he or she says they look just fine. So time isn’t to blame for the doll’s unsightly image. The OP says mice may have been present in their attic so… maybe they’re to blame? If that’s the case, then they really did a number on the doll’s face.


#10 How Did Something Like That End Up In Someone’s Attic?

If you’re looking at the above picture and wondering what the heck it’s supposed to be, it is not, I repeat, NOT a giant chunk of ramen. It’s true that ramen expands when enveloped in water for more than 10 years, but it’s not ramen. It’s a giant wasp nest. I’ve seen pictures of wasp nests before but I don’t think I’ve ever seen wasp nest like that or one of that size. According to one Redditor, there was a guy who took a wasp nest down and left it in his house for a day. When he returned home he was greeted by 100 wasps swarming around his house. Evidently, the wasp nest warmed up from being out in the open and the wasps living inside it woke up and decided to leave home. Hopefully whoever took the photo disposed of this thing quickly.


#11 Can Someone Please Tell Me What This Is Supposed To Be?

I… honestly have no idea what this is supposed to be. Some kind of puppet, I guess? Does anyone have any idea what this is supposed to be? Cause I can’t come up with anything. Someone found this lovely little thing in the attic of the house they’re leasing for the school year. One Redditor said it reminds them of the Gatherers from the survival horror video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Another Redditor said it reminds them of Roger from American Dad. And another Redditor thinks it’s just one of Jeff Dunham’s racist puppets. Everyone can agree that the puppet thing is creepy and some have suggested killing it with fire if not burning the whole house down to completely remove its existence.

#12 They Say If You Dig Deep Enough You Can Find Some Well-Hidden Family Secrets

Maybe this person’s grandparents were Nazis, maybe they weren’t. Considering all the entries we’ve gone through so far on the list, it’s possible that these items have no connection to the grandparents at all and have just been collecting dust in their attic without their knowledge. One Redditor says that their grandmother had a bunch of Nazi paraphernalia in her garage attic that she had no idea were even there. Another Redditor believes it may have been possible that the objects were stolen by American soldiers during World War 2 as souvenirs and then sold around to different buyers once they reached America. Or maybe not, as the OP says that his grandfather was actually a Nazi and can provide proof for it.


#13 You’ll Probably Still Need A License To Carry Those Around

An electrician discovered these firearms in a woman’s attic. She’d been living in the house since 2008 but had no idea that somewhere in her residence were guns. They weren’t discovered until three years ago. The gun experts on Reddit all have differing judgments on what type of guns they are, but they all agree that the OP shouldn’t have turned the guns into the police like she did and that she should have kept them for herself. But if she doesn’t know how to handle guns or doesn’t want guns in her house, then it would probably be best for them to not be in her house. Or they say she should have at least sold them for some money. She could have fetched herself $1500. After all, who would turn down the opportunity to make easy money?

#14 Did The Dad Leave This Here On Purpose As A Prank?

I know I’m not the only one bothered by the moldy insulation in this picture. Some Redditors on the site expressed concern about the outset of mold in the attic. The attic belongs to the dad of the guy who snapped the photo, so maybe he should help his dad out with that? Anyways, I digress. I read over comments on the Reddit site and a lot of the commenters seemed to be freaked out over seeing the cover of the Alice Cooper album. They enlarged the picture and apparently nearly jumped out of their seats when they spotted the album cover. I wasn’t freaked out in the slightest and I have no idea why anyone would be, but then again that’s just me.

#15 What Is Going On Here?

Someone found this in the attic of an old building. Apparently, the person was on their way to the roof of the building to watch a fireworks show and came across… this. Some Redditors have offered their own takes on what this thing is supposed to be. One Redditor, who used to work at a haunted attraction, said that it is a concoction of plaster and paint covered with burlap. Something like this would be used as a prop since it not only works better than paper maché, it lasts much longer. I have no idea how long this prop has been hanging here, but I have a feeling whoever left it there completely forget to remove it.