16 Creepiest Stories People Never Managed To Explain

Posted by Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 3rd April 2017

A lot of unusual things happen to people on the daily and they never manage to come up with any logical explanation to them no matter how much they try, most people choose the easy path and assume that it was caused by something "paranormal" and that some alien or supernatural entity used whatever magical powers they possess to cause this thing to happen. Unfinished horror stories are usually the scariest because they leave you wanting more and wondering how something so unorthodox managed to happen.




Two years ago I had a horrible case of the flu. I remember going to bed on the third day of my sickness and as far as I can remember went straight to sleep.

When I regained consciousness I’m sitting against a tree, 1.5 miles into my favorite hiking trail on a widows peak that overlooks the Illinois river at about 9am.

I have no recollection of getting there, but it’s a 35 miles drive most of which is on a winding pig-tail of a road. Most of the trail is either steep, along sheer cliff, washed out(read no real trail) or a combination of all three. I don’t even know what possessed me to go out there. The only clue I have is that at around 11pm the night before I wrote “I go to seek a great perhaps…” on facebook which suggests that I did this at night which is even more disconcerting as my only flashlight was at home.


My grandfather had two older sisters, both lived in different parts of India. One day when I was visiting the elder of the two sisters out of nowhere she says, that her younger sister is in trouble. Within 15 minutes we get a phone call says that the younger sister was hit by a car and passed away. I was very young at the time so I couldn’t figure out what happened, only when I was told the story did I realize how creepy it was.




When I was 12 I had this really bad bike accident that required surgery. We had this babysitter who would watch us during the summer when we were off school. She was elderly and we hadn’t gone to see her in quite sometime as this happened in early spring. Anyway, on the way to the hospital after said bike accident we get a call from babysitter’s husband asking if I am ok and to tell us babysitter had passed away. In her dying breath she told her husband “Something really bad is going to happen to withloveenya, when I pass I want you to call and make sure she is ok.” Yeeeeah.


In 1998 I was in an old hotel in Florence with a friend. Our beds were at the top of a small staircase.

It was the middle of the night when I woke up to the sound of the stairs creaking and opened my eyes. I saw my friend in his bed and a silhouette of a person on the stairs. I saw the figure slowly creeping up the stairs and thought to myself : a burglar! I am going to scare this asshole!

I readied my watch underneath the covers and when he got to the top of the stairs I hit him with the watch light. But in the light it was clear there was no one there.

I turned the light off and sure enough that burglar was climbing the stairs again. I again readied my watch and this time I was sure I was too fast for him to escape but in the cold blue light there was no one there.

This game went on for a while, me forcing him down the stairs and him creeping back up in the dark.

Eventually I decided I was going to throw a book at him in the dark, but when I did, it went right through him. He finally got to the top of the stairs and started going back down.

Convinced now that this burglar must simply be an optical illusion, i went to sleep.

The next morning however my friend asked me, “dude, why were you going up and down the stairs all night?”




When I went to sleep, (I have no health problems) I had a dream that I was being kidnapped and the kidnapper stabbed my leg. I woke up in agony, with a little bit of blood trickling down my leg. I still don’t know what happened.


Similar thing happened to my friends family. His dad and a few of his buddies has gone on a skidoo trip. My friends family were all eating dinner together and my friends grand-mother (the mother of his dad) suddenly said “Something is wrong with [friends dad].” Turns out he fell off a cliff on his skidoo and broke his back.

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