16 Facts About The L.A. Laker Girls That You Probably Never Knew

Posted by Michael Avery in Sports On 25th September 2016

The all-female National Basketball Association Cheerleading squad, The Los Angeles Laker Girls, have had many notable members, including:

Paula Abdul

Vanessa Curry

Taylour Paige

While any basketball fan will be familiar with this squad, there’s a lot people don’t know about the Laker Girls. There’s more to these girls than just cheering on their team.

Here are 16 facts about the L.A. Laker Girls.

1. Auditioning to be a Laker Girl is one intimidating process, the girls are given a dance routine on the spot that they have to memorize.


2. Before it was banned, the Laker Girls were subject to go through a ‘jiggle test’ to see how physically fit they were.

3. Just because you’ve been a Laker Girl, doesn’t mean you’ll be one again. Laker Girls from previous years must re-audition.


4. Being a Laker Girl means you have to be incredibly social media conscious. The Girls aren’t allowed to post any pictures that could paint them in a negative light. The pictures that are allowed are if they are sporting Lakers gear.

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