16 Of The Most Hideous Fashion Trends That We Once Thought Were Cool

Posted by Missy aka Tizzy in Fashion On 2nd January 2018

Over the years, we have seen tons of fashion trends come and go. We have even seen a lot of trends from our past come back into current fashion. Then, of course, there are those trends that we still find it hard to believe that we wore them. Most of these are so horrible that we are pretty sure they will never make a comeback, but you never know.



Thankfully, this is a trend that is slowly fading away. We have several rap artists to thank for this trend, but we will not list them. We are finding it hard to even imagine why anyone would even want to wear a grill. They look utterly ridiculous and uncomfortable.


Baggy Jeans

While this trend is not nearly as popular as it used to be, we still see a lot of people, especially in urban areas, rocking this look. Personally, we do not see the appeal of walking around with your underwear showing and having to hold your belt when you have to run.


Doubled-up polo shirts

This was a thing? It is one thing to pair your polo shirt with a nice sweater, but to wear them in layers seems to be uncomfortable. But, it happened, and all we can do is be thankful that this trend is over.

The popped collar

We are so thankful this trend passed. It was fairly embarrassing to find that half your collar had folded back down, and you failed to realize it.



While we have to admit that these were probably the most comfortable shoes ever made, they are absolutely hideous to look at. Nothing says "I'm heading to Walmart" like a pair of well-worn crocs.

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