16 Olden Day Mugshots And The Insane Crimes The Criminals Were Imprisoned For

By Editorial Staff in Facts and DIY On 25th August 2015

#1 Bertha Liebbeke (1903)


Clever Bertha would faint on men in order to take their wallets.

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#4 Nannie Hutchinson

Nannie killed the man she worked with and managed to evade capture for a year.

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#5 Charles Hutchinson

Nannie's son Charles was an accomplice to the murder and, along with her, he wasn't caught until the man's body was found a year after the murder.

#6 Ruby Fox and Myrtle Hetrick


These two did the unthinkable and actually escaped from the State Reformatory for Women in York.

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#8 Alv Lytle

Alv was sentenced to 12-15 years in prison after being accused of committing bank robbery.


He was set free two years after his initial imprisonment when another man confessed. He picked up $2,500 in compensation.

#10 Nora Courier

Nora was imprisoned when she was caught trying to steal a horse.

#11 Lola Lopez

Lola strangled and robbed a man, and that landed her in the slammer.

#12 Herbert Cockman

Herbert was picked up for robbery in 1899 and was so uncooperative an officer had to hold up his head for his mugshot.

#13 James Collins

Collins was also picked up for robbery a few years before Herbert.

#14 Mary Shannon

Mary was mysteriously sentenced in 1925 for mayhem, although it's not clear what she did to earn her two years behind bars.

#15 Albert Johnson

Albert was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for grand larceny.


During this time he had to lose his hair and moustache to stop the spread of lice.

#17 Sergeant John Reed

John spent seven years behind bars for the manslaughter of Crawford Marshal Arthur Moss.

#18 Jennie Lester

Jennie was done for illicit solicitation.

#19 Minnie Bradley

Minnie was a prostitute who refused to even look at the camera when arrested for grand larceny.

#20 James Pappas

James bought insurance for the general store he owned, and was caught attempting to get one of his workers to burn the place down for him.