16 People Share That 'One Thing' That Was Gifted To Them By Their Ex And Now They're Unable To Get Rid Of It

Posted by Sumaiya Ghani in Funny On 18th June 2021

Anything that reminds you of your ex is a big no! But there are some things that you can't get rid of, Here people share that one thing that their ex gifted them and now they are stuck with it and it's hilarious.


One thing from your ex that you can't get rid of?

When TikTok user @nikhagen asked his followers, "What's that one thing your ex gave you that you can't quite get rid of?" 

People, like many people, started sharing that 'one thing' and honestly it's hilarious but also amazing.

Nik showed a cute mug that was gifted to him by his ex but his followers made things more fun by sharing their own not-so-cute gifts.

TikTok / @nikhagen / Via tiktok.com

1. “When I was 18 I got a cat from my high school girlfriend. I’m 32 now. She’s gonna live forever!”

This cat is here to live.

TikTok / @spookygrandpa / Via tiktok.com

2. *Points at the pregnant stomach.*

That is one memorable gift.

TikTok / @royalcapri / Via tiktok.com

3. "She got it for me because she knew in about two weeks I wouldn’t have anyone to rub my back for me anymore.”

"She got me this stick on rolly ball thing. It’s pretty cool you can just stick it on the wall and rub up against it like a bear and work out the kinks in your back."

TikTok / @anti.pants / Via tiktok.com

4. "Bella Thorne and I have matching tattoos that say 'young as fuck' and I decided that the best placement for mine was of course on my ass.”

@tanamongeaulol / Via vm.tiktok.com

5. “His wife.”

TikTok / @thecloudedfox / Via vm.tiktok.com

6. "It would have to be HIV. I was gonna say depression or anxiety, but no, it’s the HIV."

That's dark.

USA / Via giphy.com

7. “Who would get rid of an Apple Watch? Just saying. And I filled it with pictures of my husband so…thanks!”

The best use, we say!

TikTok / @shortylikehey / Via vm.tiktok.com

8. “Trauma. Definitely trauma.”

Every time.

Comedy Central / Via giphy.com

9. “The whole Harry Potter series.”

That's one amazing ex.

TikTok / @saturnsblues / Via tiktok.com

10. A music box that plays "You Are My Sunshine."

"And no it does not remind me of that person. Besides, my boyfriend knows about this.”


TikTok / @kittiechaan / Via tiktok.com

11. "Um, kids. They’re 18 and 21. They’re cool, though. I guess I’ll keep them."


Via giphy.com (@sinnerella667)

12. “Texting anxiety."

"Because of my previous relationships, whenever somebody texts me I text them back as if we’re never going to speak again just to save myself.”



Via giphy.com (@jordan_the_stallion8)

13. "The one thing I really can’t get rid of is HER. She lives across the fucking road from me.”

“Well, she actually gave me nothing except for debt and an empty bank."


Via giphy.com (@normie58)