16 Reasons Why Women Getting Their Period Is Worse Than The Apocalypse...

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 1st October 2015

#1.It makes laundry more complicated.

#2.You have to remember to take extra supplies with you EVERYWHERE.

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#4.Part of you really wants sex, but the other part of you feels disgusting and achy and very, very unsexy.

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#5.Literally anything can trigger a fit of rage or a flood of tears.

#6. Your cravings are ridiculously intense.

#7.Your face becomes a small-scale mountain range.

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#8.Period poops wreck your colon and your plumbing.

#9.It is impossible to get comfortable.

#10.If you live alone, you might have to get out of bed and get the stuff you need ALL BY YOURSELF.

#11.There are (many) times when NOTHING helps.

#12.If you wear tampons, you live in constant fear of getting toxic shock syndrome.

#13.If you wear pads, you run the risk of things getting a little too squishy.

#14.The wrappers for both products are louder than the average fireworks show.

#15.But hey, at least you're not pregnant!

#16.Everything you do opens the floodgates.