16 Times Nature Did Whatever It Felt Like Doing

Posted by Editorial Staff in Nature and Travel On 22nd September 2017

Nature is majestic, terrifying, cruel, ingenious, and (sometimes) adorable. But more than anything, nature is weird. If you don’t agree, spend five minutes looking up deep-sea fish, then we can talk about it.

When we get locked into routines and start taking the world for granted, it’s easy to get bored by it; even the most beautiful sunrise can be banal if you’re struggling through your early-morning commute. But when we take the time to look at our planet with new eyes, it’s clear that nature has a whimsical sense of humor. Why else would we have walking rocks, Pepto-Bismol lakes, volcano lightning, or people who genuinely enjoy Minions?

So if you’ve forgotten about how weird and wonderful life is on our little rock circling the sun, read on. You may be inspired, you may be terrified. But one thing you definitely won’t be is bored.

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