16-Year Old Tired Of Her Life Displayed Online Without Her Consent Because Of Blogger Mom, Wears "No Photos" Hoodie To Enrage Her

Posted by Sama in Confessions On 9th February 2020

Not everyone enjoys the life of fame. Getting public attention and sharing their life with everyone is not everyone's cup of tea. This is what this 16-year old girl wants to clear her mother, who is a famous social media blogger. Getting done with her life displayed on social media, her pictures posted without her consent and struggling to regain control over her life, this teenager shared her story on Reddit and explained how she is rebelling against her mother's way of life and figuring out ways to say no to her pictures being posted on social media without her consent.



Fame comes with its own perks but it has its cons too. Especially for those who do not like constant attention and every part of their life being scrutinized by strangers. Recently a Reddit user, FinallyAnonymous6 took to Reddit to discuss her life as a daughter of a famous social media blogger. The girl explained the exhausting aspects of her life where every part of her life is kept on a display by her mother.

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Running out of ideas to deal with the stress that comes with such a way of life, the 16-year old came up with the idea of silent protest and ordered various "No Photos" hoodies and started to wear them whenever her mother was nearby.

The teenager shared her story anonymously on Reddit.



The teenager took to Reddit to share her story with the Internet and express her point of view from the eyes of a person who just wants to live an ordinary life. Trying to come up with ideas to deal with the ordeal, the daughter also thought of making an Instagram account and posting a single picture that says, "I do not consent to photos on the account @MomsAccount. I do not consent being written about in @mommyblog. I did not consent to the pictures and stories already posted there. Please help me report all of @MomsAccount posts where I appear for harassment."











The girl further explained how she cannot even protest and if she did than things could get more complicated, “But honestly, I’m worried that kind of drama would put me more in the public eye and lead to articles about me or something. When I want the opposite, for everything about me online to be gone,” she said. “Plus, I know the wording would make my mom angry. Every time I talk about consent or ‘no means no’ or how I own my own body, she accuses me of making it sound like ‘a dirty sex thing’ … Which isn’t how I mean it, I just think consent and bodily autonomy matters for many reasons! Not only sex!”


Struggling to regain control over her life without losing her cool, the girl is reaching her limit now, “I already feel like I’m at ‘last resort’ stages now, I just recently had a huge public fight with my mom where I lost my temper and screamed at her, ‘I’m 16, IT’S NOT OKAY THAT YOU’RE WHORING ME OUT FOR MONEY.'” However, the mom got mad and played the you’re-making-everything-about-sex card again. “[She] totally missed the point that I don’t want my pics to be her money-making scheme anymore.”


#13 Redditors Showed Their Support To The Teenager

After reading the girl's story, others came forward with their support and love. Reassuring the girl that she is right to fight for her freedom and that her own mother exploiting her on social media is in no means the right way and that she taking a stand for it is the right and correct means.