17 Celebrity Lookalikes That Are Of A Different Race

By Editorial Staff in Entertainment On 18th October 2015

#1 Indian Debra Messing

Finding a doppleelganger might have been impossible before, but that's no longer the case with today's technology and the vastness of the social media.

Now, if you try hard enough, you will not only find a lookalike, but you just might stumble upon your reincarnation in another race.

#2 Asian Brad Pitt

Wonder how Brad Pitt might look if he was Asian, or what Arnold Schwarzenegger would look like if he was black? How about an Asian Obama?

Wonder no more, because we have them right here.

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#4 Asian Morgan Freeman

He's 'Driving Miss Daisy' in a rickshaw.

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#5 White Kobe Bryant

Good try... we all know white men can't jump!

#6 Asian George W. Bush

It's Nucaler...

#8 Asian Bruce Willis

Looks like this guy has been 'Moonlighting' as the 'Die Hard' star.

#9 White Drake

Naw... not even close for me. But some of the same characteristics.

#10 Indian George Clooney

Pretty close. Welcome to Bollywood!

#11 Asian Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Huh? I thought Joseph Gordon-Levitt WAS Asian. You just floored me.

#12 White Snoop Dog

One's a rapper with a few Grammy's, one is a redneck. Bet they both like to smoke.

#13 Latino Trey Songz

#14 White Barack Obama

One would make a great President. You choose.

*The "white" version looks Asian to me.

#15 Black Mat Damon

We've all seen this on the internet. I don't see it. But there it is, in black & white.

#16 Indian Bradley Cooper

Both kinda got something hot about them. Know what I mean, Vern?

#17 Indian Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

It's in the eyes! Not a bad resemblance. But can he smell what the Rock is cooking??

#18 Jordan Sparks and Latino America Ferrera

It's the rosey red cheeks, squinted eyes, and bright smile! Adorable.

#19 Jennifer Lawrence and The Egyptian Goddess

OK, it's Elizabeth Taylor, but don't they look a lot alike?

#20 Dutch Painter Michael Jackson

Too Soon?

Both are artistic, both look boyish, but are deceased, you tell me they are not one in the same.