17 Hilarious Halloween Pranks And Tricks That Are A Real Treat To Play

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 22nd October 2015


Now that he's cleaned his hands, this guy may need a fresh pair of underwear too.


Who knew that stuffing a photo of yourself inside a jar would look really spooky?

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Did you really think it'd be trick-or-treating without a trick?

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Nobody is a fan of spiders, including this guy.


Usually my morning alarm wakes me up just fine.


Why didn't I think of this the last time my mom told me to wait for her at the store?


That's one way of disciplining your kids.


Do you think that'll teach the other witches a lesson?


I thought clowns were supposed to be funny.


I doubt she'll be shopping at this store. Maybe she'll send a complaint.


Humans aren't the only ones who get scared, you know.


I think he must be playing football with that.


Prank with a chainsaw.Thats not amazing.