17 Pictures Nobody Will Ever Be Able To Explain, Ever

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 6th September 2015

#1 This kid in a tuxedo holding a tiny sewing machine.

The UPS driver behind him is laughing. He backed his truck OFF A SIDEWALK, he is talking to three cops and somehow he is LAUGHING.

#2 This monkey puking on a wall.

Did he have a rough night? You know that's not just a plain white tee, so what does his shirt say? Did he see his European friend's plumber's crack and it just pushed him over the edge? And who's the Scandinavian bro taking pictures?

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#3 This Christmas-themed family photo.

Something about the bulldog's facial expression tells me he'd rather be elsewhere, but feels sort of bad for his human in the way that you feel bad for that one friend who just doesn't understand that Crocs will never be OK, no matter how comfortable they are. Some people you can't fix.

#4 This engagement shot.

It's gotta be an engagement shot despite the fact that she's wearing the ring on the wrong hand, right? That's just how Florida works, people. They are a simple folk who see the beauty in everything, dog anuses included.

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#5 This bro, covered in cacti, surrounded by EMT.

We know that he was golfing, but what we DON'T know is why he rolled around in a field of spiky greens and how he is still on his feet.

#6 What this elephant is doing with his trunk.

The most disturbing part of this photo is that everyone seems to be having a good time.

#8 This f*cking guy.

You know what? I don't even want to ask you what you're doing because that's exactly what you want me to do and I refuse to give you the satisfaction of attention. I hope those fire ants eat you alive.

#9 These chicks walking their irons.

Is this Russia? This is probably Russia. And that's all the explanation we're going to get and we're all just going to have to live with that.

#10 This gorilla straddling a naked guy.

You know what? I don't even want to know the backstory here. You do you, bro one love.

#11 This spaghetti boy.

I'm sorry for this one guys. I'm not sure which is worse the sin of wasting literal pounds of spaghetti or the fact that I just. can't. look. away.

#12 This funeral.

Ohio seems like a fun state.

#13 This creature from your worst nightmares.

This is exactly who I imagine when I think of someone who frequents an establishment that could only be described as "coffee-shop art deco."

#14 This parent-of-the-year.

I'm pretty sure only foreigners pose fully clothed in bathtubs and I hope that I never end up in whatever country it's acceptable to have your baby's thumb ON THE TRIGGER of a PINK RIFLE at any time. At the very least, teach that thing the proper finger to use.

#15 These schoolgirls.

OK Japan. We get it, you're weird.

#16 This fox in a line for the ATM.

Someone immediately point me in the direction of this town where it's totally normal for foxes to have bank accounts.

#17 This thug on a horse.

Sorry guys this one is kind of a cop out because it does have an explanation and that explanation is North Philadelphia.