17 Things Anonymous Virgins Wanted To Tell Us!

By Editorial Staff in Life Style On 27th September 2015

#1.Some think they're sluts.

#2.Some are starting a new life.

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#4.Though others want to wait because they're afraid that once they start they won't be able to stop.

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#5.Nah, you're good.

#6.Others want it to mean something to them and are waiting for the right person.

#7.And who hasn't wondered this late at night?

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#8.Others are afraid that it might be painful for them.

#9.Some wish they were wired another way because they think life would be easier

#10.Others want you to STFU with your stupid questions about why they're still a virgin.

#11.Some are very open with their feelings on still being a virgin.

#12.While some think it could help them financially.

#13.Others are still trying to hold onto their innocence.

#14.Some think they could be pregnant but who here hasn't thought at one time or another they were pregnant through immaculate conception?

#15.Some want to only have s*x when they're ready to procreate.

#16.While others just want to get it over with.

#17.Some don't like your judgement....