17 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do With iOS 10

Posted by Editorial Staff in Science and Technology

There are lot's of new features in Apple’s latest iOS 10 update for iPhone and iPad and it can be a little confusing. So These tips and tricks will help you to know about all these new features.


#1 New Unlock System

"Slide to unlock" feature doesn't exist anymore. You now have to press the home button twice with Touch ID or once to enter in a passcode but there's a workaround as shown in the image.


#2 Camera From Lock Screen

To access the camera From the lock screen, you have to swiping left (instead of up).


#3 Now you can remove those unwanted apps!

You can finally remove default apps like Stocks, Tips, and Podcasts. You have to press near the apps then the screen will shake after that cross symbol (x) will appear on each app. just click and then you can remove them.


#4 something new in control center

A "force touch" will reveal more options for the bottom row shortcuts.

#5 Access Music Control from Control Center.

Accessing music controls now takes two swipes: one up and one to the left.


#6 Delete all notification at once.

Instead of deleting notifications one by one, you can clear them all with one tap.


#7 The Magical Display!

The display will automatically turn on when you pick it up.

#8 New Spotlight Search!

The Spotlight search bar has moved to the notification shade, so you can access it from anywhere in iOS 10.


#9 Yeah Turn off Read Receipts Like a Boss!

Turn off read receipts for specific people.


#10 Express Your Love by Double Tab!

Double-tap a message to react with a heart, thumbs up/down, "ha ha," exclamation points, or a question mark.

#11 Now you can easily add an effect to a message.

Add an effect to a message by long pressing the ^ arrow.

#12 That Bubble Effect!

You can also send a full-screen effect. Just long-press the ^ upward-facing arrow, and at the top of the screen, select "Screen." Here, you can choose between balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, or shooting star.


#13 Updated Emojis!

#14 Now You can Download lots of apps for iMessage.

#15 The All New Photos App With different features.

Now you can search for people, places, or things.


#16 Siri now understands commands for a bunch of different apps.

You can check which apps are available in Settings > Siri > App Support.


#17 Transcription Of The Message!

In Voicemail, tap on the phone number to see a transcription of the message.